Fish in a monastic way: different ways of cooking

Russian Orthodox monasteries from ancient timeswere not only the abodes of piety and righteousness, but also various culinary delights. Despite the fact that strict regulations did not allow ministers to eat as abundantly and diversely as laymen, the monastic kitchens were rich in raznosolami. Moreover, many recipes of dishes invented by the chefs-fathers were so tasty and interesting that they found the widest application among the people. And success is enjoyed to this day!

Kitchens without borders

monastic fish
You love black breads, known as"The Borodino"? His recipe we owe to one of the monasteries outside Moscow. And kvass "Monastyrsky", and honey, wine, sbiten, cheese? And rice porridge cooked by a very particularly praying brother? And the most different recipes for cooking fish, united by a common name - "monastic"? It is about these dishes and we will talk. The fact is that meat was not carried on in God's abodes. But the fish was always stocked up in plenty, it was served very often and was prepared perfectly in all kinds. And it was used almost daily, for lunch and dinner. Therefore, the brand "monastic fish" is equally applicable to both the first dishes, and to the second.

Delicacy for lunch

fish in a monastic recipe
So, the fish is monastic ... Recipes - a lot! For example, here is this wonderful solyanka! The volume of products is calculated based on the number of consumers. At a minimum, one kilogram of sturgeon, carp, pike perch, beluga, etc., will be needed for this dish. How does this "monastic fish" cook? First, from the heads and spinal bones of seafood "easier" is the broth. Naturally, carpians, prawns, salmon heads should be rinsed thoroughly beforehand, and soaked. Fire under the pan do a little to make the soup not bubble and was transparent. Put sweet-scented pepper into it, bay leaf, coriander. But do not get carried away so as not to interrupt the natural flavor of the food. Remove foam and scum. Salt a little, then add to taste. Separately, in another saucepan, the fish of more expensive breeds is brewed: sturgeon (you can take a pike), a sturgeon, a catfish. Take only the fillet, cut it into large pieces. Then take 3-4 large marinated cucumbers. Give them a good steam - for softness - and cut into thin strips. In the frying pan pour in the vegetable oil and braise for 10-15 minutes a few finely chopped bulbs (enough 2 medium) and 3 tomatoes, after removing them from the skin. To do this easily, beat the tomatoes with boiling water. And the last stage of the ritual: a ready broth from the heads drain, put into it pieces of fillets, cucumbers and dressing, add sliced ​​olives. If necessary - salt. Now let your "monastic fish" be under the lid for about 20 minutes. During this time, cut the lemon into slices, removing the zest and pits. And mince chopped parsley. In each plate, in addition to liquid, put a piece of fish, a slice of lemon, a pinch of greens, a spoonful of sour cream. Extremely delicious!

Pike in the monastery "monastic"

monastic fish in a multivariate
You can prepare your favorite dish in modernmiracle aggregates. An excellent fish is "monastic" in the multivark. You will need a kilogram of pike (or any other variety, at your discretion), the main thing is that the meat had less bones. In this regard, very convenient hake. Still need 1 large onion, 3-4 eggs, a few mushrooms - 200-250 grams. Plus 100 g of mayonnaise, as much hard cheese, a little butter, seasonings and salt with pepper - to taste. Fish need to be cleaned, meat cut into small pieces - centimeters to 5. Each salt, season with pepper and spices. The bulb is cut into rings. Eggs are boiled in advance, cleaned and cut too by rings. Mushrooms already prepared, for 10-15 minutes should be lowered into boiling water. Then drain, cut into cubes. Capacity of multivark oil. Put the fish, onions, then eggs and mushrooms. Add both. Now grease the products with mayonnaise and sprinkle with grated cheese. Start the program in the "Baking" mode for 50 minutes. Another 15 leave on the "warm". And enjoy a heavenly dinner!

Carp in the oven

carp in monastic style in the oven
No matter how the fish is cooked in monastic style, the recipeEach dish contains its own little tricks. So, mistresses should definitely take note: the best food is obtained from fresh products. If the freshwater fish has got to you in the hands of the "snoozy", the delicacy from it will not work out. Therefore, process it alive. Well, on the agenda we have the most democratic fish - carp. It is found in most fresh lakes and rivers and is caught on the hook quite often. And how delicious the baked carp, with a crispy brownish crust - do not tell us! Ingredients: fish itself, a little vegetable oil, salt, pepper to taste. Clean the main product from the scales. Take out the insides and gills. The tail and fins do not cut off - they will give the dish a special taste. And this is the second trick in your culinary treasury. Ready carcass rinse again, then carefully wipe it from the outside and inside with a paper towel or napkins. And just thoroughly rub on all sides with a mixture of salt and pepper. Then turn the oil - rub it into the carcass from the outside and from the inside. Insert wooden sticks into the sternum and abdomen of the fish. Then the crust will form also inside and on the skin. After the wider the fish open, the more thoroughly it will be baked! Turn on the oven in advance, grease the baking sheet, lay the carp and bake for about half an hour until golden. Separately press the potatoes. When the fish is completely ready, remove the sticks, sprinkle it with lemon juice and put on a dish. Inside and around lay the potatoes. Sprinkle with herbs, served with a salad of fresh vegetables.

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