How to fry the meat in a frying pan?

What mistress did not ask herself howfry the meat in a frying pan! It seems so simple, but in fact the piece will not be cooked, it is, on the contrary, overcooked and too hard. How to find this golden mean and cook the meat so that it is tasty, soft and simply excellent? Of course, there is no general recommendation to all types of meat, the cooking process primarily depends on the type of meat product. The most common are pork, beef or chicken.

How to fry the meat in a frying pan? Pork

Pork is chopped in batches the samepieces. Along each piece, not too deep incisions are made, in which are placed spices, garlic and salt, depending on the recipe. Of course, you can do without this procedure, but in this way the pork is perfectly saturated with spices and it becomes much more delicious than if you just send the pieces to a frying pan. You can make cuts from one or both sides.

Frying pan with vegetable oil beforehandput on a big fire, after it is heated, lay out the chopped pork. Fry on a large, but not at the maximum fire. Pieces regularly turn over or stir, if they are small. It is not necessary to cover the lid, otherwise the meat in the frying pan will be simply boiled, not fried.

Specific time for frying can not be named, the fire can be different, and the pieces of meat are cut by each mistress of different thicknesses. Estimated time of readiness 10 - 20 minutes.

Ready-made pork pleases a beautiful and fried (but not burnt) crust. In the process of cooking, in any doubt, meat should be sampled. Ready and not overcooked does not bleed, soft and juicy.

How to fry the meat in a frying pan, if it's beef

With this meat, most of the problems, since itin itself tough. Cut into portions, each seasoned with seasoning and rubbed with salt. Before laying it is better to beat off each piece, so that the beef becomes softer. Beat carefully so that the meat thickness is uniform.

If meat is frying in a frying pan, and not inoven, then the fire should be small, and the frying pan is not covered with a lid. You need to turn the meat regularly, but you can not pierce it with a fork or knife, it's better to do it with a spatula, otherwise the juice will run out through the hole and the beef will become dry and inconsistent.

Readiness of beef can be learned with the help ofthick needle. The piece is pierced in the thickest place. If the needle comes in easily, a clear juice runs from the puncture, and not bloody, then the meat is ready. As for the time, on average the beef is ready in about 15 minutes.

And a little advice. After frying it is better to let the beef lie down for 15 minutes.

How to fry the meat in a frying pan, if it's a chicken

Chicken is the most consumed type of meat. It is tasty, useful and quite unpretentious during the frying. But there is one drawback - it can turn out to be dry.

For frying chicken, it is better to choose frying pans withNon-stick coating, they contribute to a better crust formation. Chicken is divided into portions and washed, after each piece is dried with napkins, rubbed with seasonings and salt.

We begin to fry. A large amount of vegetable oil is poured into the pan when the pieces are in a frying pan, it should reach at least half of it. Put the chicken only in hot oil, you can cover with a lid, butter and so promotes the formation of a crusty crust. Will only regularly turn pieces.

The dish is cooked for about 40 minutes. From the bottom, the first 20 chicken fry on low heat, and after the remaining time, the fire is added to the level of the average.

A little advice: before cooking, the chicken should be defrosted beforehand, so it will get tastier.

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