Soup and cereal "Zatyrya": a recipe for cooking at home

Among the variety of dishes there are those to which the expression "food of the poor" can be applied. "Zatyryha" just belongs to the category of such dishes.

What is Zatyriha?

"Zatiriha" is a liquid porridge made of brewed flour,more reminiscent of the consistency of soup. This dish refers to the peasant cuisine, prepared by its poorest sections of the population. It is simple in the way of preparation and quantity of ingredients, but so tasty that it is firmly entrenched in the kitchen of many peoples. In Russia it is called "Zatirich", in Belarus it is known as "Zatirka", in Ukraine - "Grout", in the countries of the East - "Umach ashi". To prepare such a grout, wheat, buckwheat, pea and oat flour can be used.

There is an interesting legend associated withorigin of this dish. One woman who served as a cook at the rich people, after kneading the dough with bread baking their owners, never washed their hands. And all the dough that they stuck, already at home, she rubbed into a crumb and cooked her children a grain soup. "Zatyrya", the recipe of which first appeared in the XV century, at one time many peasants saved from starvation. Today it is cooked in milk, but you can cook on water and on broth.

Milk porridge "Zatyrya": a recipe from childhood

Many of us remember this dish from childhood. This is the most budgetary option for making milk porridge. Some people cooked her houses, others tried a dish with a colorful name "Zatiriha" in the kindergarten.

zatiricha milk recipe
Porridge according to this recipe is prepared on milk withadding a grout made from flour (0.5-1 cup), eggs, salt, sugar and butter (to taste). Ingredients are the simplest, which are available in every home. Depending on the desired consistency, you can take 0.5-1 liter of milk. Porridge with a lot of the mentioned product resembles a thick soup. But his name is the same - "Zatiriha".

How to prepare grout? Take the flour, pour it on the table with a slide, add a pinch of salt, make a groove in the center and drive an egg into it. The resulting mass is good to wipe hands. After that, the mixture is sieved through a sieve, resulting in small flour beans. After grouting, large flour flakes are often formed. They can be heated (dried) in a dry frying pan, and then again rubbed and sifted.

To cook porridge, you need to boil in a saucepanMilk, then pour it into the grout. Add sugar to taste (2-3 tablespoons). Cook, stirring constantly, 7-10 minutes. When the porridge is ready, add butter to it to taste.

"Zatirka milk": a recipe for children

So that the grout for the soup is soft andgentle, the dough for it is kneaded on kefir. To do this, mix 80 ml of kefir, egg and salt in a small bowl. Then in the received weight gradually mix a fork with a fork, as though peritiraja it. After a few minutes, the dough will break up into small pieces. They need to be sieved through a sieve. This is the grout.

recipe recipe
Now you need to boil the milk. Its volume depends on what you want to cook: milk soup or porridge. In the boiled milk to pour in zatiruha and cook, stirring constantly, 10 minutes. At the end of the cooking, add sugar to taste.

"Zatiriha", the recipe of which is proposed above, is tender and sweet. This dish is sure to be appreciated by children, and adults will not remain indifferent.

Milk soup "Zatiriya" with potatoes

In the Russian village "Zatiriya" is a dish thatlove and know how to cook in every family. Here it is cooked on the water with the addition of milk, grout and potatoes. It turns out a delicious and nutritious soup, which is served in a hot form.

Recipe for "Zatyri" on milk is embodied in life in several stages:

  1. In a saucepan, boil 1 liter of water, add the diced potatoes (2 pcs.), Salt to taste.
  2. Prepare a grout of two eggs, 1-2 glasses of flour and a pinch of salt. Sift through a sieve.
  3. Pour the milk (1 liter) into a pot of water and potatoes, and after it boil, pour out the grout.
  4. Boil the soup 10 minutes after boiling. Serve with herbs and finely chopped garlic (add to taste).

porridge recipe
"Zatiriha", the recipe of which is presented above, can be prepared in the form of soup or porridge. When choosing the latter option, the amount of water and milk should be reduced in half.

"Zatirah" on milk with green onions

To prepare the grout for this milk soup, you can use any of the above recipes. Delicious turns grout on kefir, soft and tender.

milk recipe
Put the milk on the stove, let it boil,to salt. Pour the grout into the pan. Boil the milk soup for 10 minutes. Remove the pan from the plate, add black pepper to taste and a large bunch of chopped green onions.

"Zatiriha", the recipe of which may seem unusual, actually turns out very tasty. This dish will appreciate even gourmets.

How to cook peasant soup

Peasant dishes can also be delicious. Direct proof of this - "Zatyrya", the recipe of which has not lost its popularity even six centuries later.

how to cook
Cooking soup can be on water, vegetable or meatbroth. First, potatoes are added to the liquid, and when it is cooked - roasted onions and carrots in vegetable oil. But for grouting you can use the following method of preparation.

Prepare three plates. In one break the egg and shake it with a fork. In another pour flour, and leave the third for ready grouting. First, dip your hands into the egg, then into the salted flour, and above the third plate you need to rub them together. So it will be a grout. The remaining egg can be added to the soup with the crumb. Before serving, sprinkle the prepared dish with herbs.

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