Cakes "From Palych": description, recipes, photos

This brand was known a few years agoonly in her homeland - in Samara, today it is represented in many of Moscow's largest chain stores. Few celebrations or celebrations today do without the well-known confectionery products "From Palych." More than 100 names of cakes, cakes, rolls, cakes and gingerbread are made from natural ingredients according to proven company prescriptions. For convenience cakes and cakes "From Palych" are divided into series, beautifully named "Golden", "Classic" and "Children's".

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Quotations from the catalog (cakes)

Cakes and cakes "From Palych" are represented by popular products. The greatest number of grateful reviews deserved cakes.

  • "The Gold Series." Users are pleased to respond: about the cake "Carousel" (600 g), which includes hazelnuts, giving expressiveness to the taste of creamy mousse with a crispy praline and tender biscuit with a punch of real whiskey (cost - 495 rubles); about the Royal Walnut cake (420 g), representing a biscuit with almonds and walnuts, containing mousse light cream and walnut praline (cost - 423 rubles).
  • The "classic series" is represented by a set ofbestsellers, among which the most popular is the legendary "Kiev cake" (1000 g), consisting of air-nut shells with chopped hazelnut and cream "Charlotte" (from whole and condensed milk) with the addition of flavored cognac. The cost is 715 rubles.
  • "Children's series" represents products that have becomethe real dream of small sweet tooth. Among the most popular - the cake "Druzhok" (mass - 900 g), which is a branded biscuit with your favorite many cream of boiled condensed milk. The cost is 520 rubles.

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Cakes "From Palych" in the corporate catalog

These products are also divided into series, each of which is represented by a huge number of varieties of delicacies. In the catalog, those who wish to buy a treat should study the contents of the series:

  • "Gold". For example, "Chocolate Symphony" (200 g) is a cake that is a thin chocolate biscuit with air mousse made of milk, black and white chocolate. The cost is 216 rubles.
  • "Classical". Cake "Strawberry" (240 g), consisting of a delicate biscuit with almond flour with coconut shavings, curd mousse with strawberry slices. Cost: 181 rubles.
  • "Children's". One of her samples - a basket of "Merry Chickens" (250 g) - a cake, which is a sand basket of eggs and selected flour. In the composition: light protein cream and raspberry confiture. The cost is 142 rubles.

Cake "Potatoes" "From Palych"

This is one of the most popular delicacies,known to many generations of sweet tooth. Gourmets, who have grown fond of cakes "From Palych", are especially often ordered "potatoes". Many users share the recipes for creating this confectionery masterpiece in the home kitchen.

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In the composition

The product that topped the user rating innomination "cakes from Palych", consists of eggs of chicken, whole condensed milk (25%), normalized milk, sugar, wheat flour, butter (12.5%), cocoa powder, potato starch, water , cognac, sprinkles of sugar powder, flavor identical to natural (vanillin), preservative (sorbic acid), natural dye (carmine). Nutritional value of 100 g of product is:

  • Proteins - 6,6.
  • Fat - 22,5.
  • Carbohydrates - 44.1.

Calorie content is 405 kcal. Shelf life 120 hours (store at t from +2 to +6 ° C). Usually cakes are packaged in packages of 350 g. The cost of packing 89 rubles.


Users note that the cake "From Palych""Potato" contains natural products. In his taste, many people like the colorful and delicate combination of cocoa and sweets, as well as the lack of mawkishness. Cognac in the composition gives piquancy and rum flavor. "Potato" "From Palych" many authors of the reviews recall their childhood.

Sweetheads note that these cakes are decorated with a multicolored alkyd cream, which creates a decent product design, which allows him to become a real decoration of the festive table.


Cake "potatoes" is well known to many. For the first time his recipe appeared in Finland in the 19th century. Today, many variants of its preparation are known.

The familiar "potato" "From Palych", whichmany get in the store, home-made confectioners offer to cook at home. To do this, bake a biscuit dough and mix it with various creams. Also offer another, more simple and quick method - from cookies (cakes).

Classic recipe, ingredients

To make 400 g of biscuit you need:

  • Sugar - 6 tbsp. spoons.
  • Eggs - 6 pieces.
  • Starch - 1 tbsp. a spoon.
  • Flour - four st. spoons.
  • Cocoa - two teaspoons.
  • Rum or cognac - two st. spoons.

For the preparation of oil cream use:

  • Eggs - two pcs.
  • Butter - 150 g.
  • Sugar - three st. spoons.

Step by step cooking biscuit

To prepare a biscuit, pre-heat the oven to t 220 degrees. Biscuit should be prepared in a water bath (the water temperature should be about 80 degrees).

Eggs with sugar are placed in a container thatis fixed on a water bath. The mixture should be whisked continuously until it reaches a temperature of 50 degrees. Then it is cooled, constantly whipping, to 20 degrees. The volume thus increases in 3 times. After that, add starch and flour, gently stir until a uniform consistency is obtained, trying not to damage the foam.

Pour the dough into a mold that has been previouslysmear with butter and sprinkle with flour. Form should be filled no more than two-thirds of its height. The surface is leveled with a spoon. At a biscuit height from 25 to 40 mm, it takes 40-50 minutes to bake it.

If the height is less than 1 cm, it should be baked for about 15 minutes. To determine the readyness of a biscuit, you just need to press it - on the finished cake should remain a pit.

The finished biscuit is left for half an hour, thenremove it from the mold. Leave for 4 hours to cool at room temperature, and then sent for 12 hours in the refrigerator. Then it is ground with a grater or a blender to the state of crumb.

Cooking cream for cake "potatoes"

A mixture of eggs and sugar is heated on a water bathup to t 45 degrees, constantly whipping. The volume of the mixture will increase 3 times. The mixture is whisked to room temperature. In a separate container, the butter is whipped to a white color. In it enter a mixture of eggs and whisk everything until you get a magnificent cream.

Picking up a cake

Crushed biscuit is combined with rum and cream. Part of the cream should be left for decoration. The mixture is divided into 10 identical parts and forms cakes, which are then sieved with cocoa cocoa. Cakes are decorated with cream and before serving cool for about an hour.

The recipe for "potatoes" from cookies

Those who wish to simplify cookingpastry, homemade confectioners recommend instead of biscuit take a biscuit. It is recommended to replace the cream with cooked butter and condensed milk.


  • Butter biscuits - 300 g (crackers are not recommended).
  • Drain. oil - 150 g.
  • Sugar powder -200 g.
  • Eggs - two pcs.
  • Cocoa - 3 table. spoons.
  • Vanillin.


Cookies are ground in a blender. Soften the butter and grate in a bowl with vanilla, powdered sugar and cocoa. Whisk the eggs and inject them into the mixture. Add the cookies and mix thoroughly.

Hands dipped in water, cake pastrythe desired shape and put on a plate. Decorate the "potatoes" at their discretion - chocolate icing, coconut chips, cream, caramel, nuts, pastry pads, etc.). Cakes before serving should be kept for several hours.

"Kievskoe" cake "From Palych"

Another most popular product of the brand is the "Kiev original" cake, which is sold in a packaged in packs of 350 grams. The cost of each 554 rubles.

cake from potatoes

Dessert consists of sugar, chicken eggsfood, butter, wheat flour, whole-milk condensed milk, white chocolate, vanilla flavor, bitter chocolate, sunflower oil, cocoa powder, cognac, flavor, acidity regulator, sorbic acid preservative, natural dyes of chlorophyllin, beta-carotene. The product is suitable for 120 hours.


To create a cake, the classicrecipe for confectionery art. In a delicate biscuit are added natural whole milk, nuts and white chocolate. By this combination, the taste of the cake is given uniqueness and originality. Impregnation of a creamy cream with a delicate cognac aroma, complemented by taste and creates the effect of its completeness. The surface of the cake is decorated with mouth-watering roses from the cream. "Kiev" "From Palych" users consider an excellent dessert for tea drinking, as well as a convenient presentation option.

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