Frying pan for pancakes: the difficulty of choice

It so happened historically that practicallyin one family of our country people can not do without pancakes. Someone bakes them almost every day, some very rarely, but still the fact remains: sooner or later this wonderful ruddy dish appears on the table. Therefore, no one will be surprised that everyone tries to approach the topic of choosing a pans for pancakes with all responsibility.

Indeed, the quality of this subject plays a very important role. What can be more pleasant than the process of baking pancakes, when they easily turn over and do not burn?

One of the best options is rightfully consideredcast-iron frying pan for pancakes. This product has a very, very long history, so its reliability does not cause any doubt. Probably many young families inherited similar pans from grandmothers. And who, if not grandmothers, know a lot about pancakes ?!

Probably not the only drawback thathas a frying pan for pancakes made of cast iron, you can call it a very palpable weight. However, it should be taken into account that (and with this the most eminent chefs of the world agree) it is intended solely for the preparation of one dish - pancakes. Therefore, there is no need to choose for themselves a "monster" of enormous diameter, which in fact will be very difficult to raise, especially fragile female hands. It is quite suitable frying pan for pancakes of standard diameter.

The undoubted advantage of cast iron is that,that it very well holds the heat, which when heated is distributed over its entire surface. Thus, the pancake will be baked evenly. In addition, there are no restrictions on the look of your slab. Cast-iron frying pan "will find a common language" with both gas and electric. In addition, it is almost impossible to scratch, so it's permissible to boldly roll pancakes at least with a knife, even with a fork (if there is such a desire). And one more advantage is unlimited lifetime. Over time, the cast-iron frying pan becomes only better. Its porous structure results in the gradual formation of a natural non-stick layer on the surface, consisting of an oil that is absorbed.

Cast-iron frying pan for pancakes requiresappropriate care. It may appear rust, so you should protect it from moisture, wipe it dry and do not forget to ignite before use. Nothing complicated, but the result is always excellent.

However, progress does not stand still. Naturally, people try to make their life easier, including in the literal sense. In place of heavy cast iron came almost weightless pan for pancakes with non-stick coating. It is important to buy exactly the "pancake" option. Such frying pans are small in size, but the bottom and walls are thick enough, which makes it possible to avoid unnecessary heating of individual areas. However, after all, pancakes are cooked on them with a small fire, since no non-stick coating tolerates very high temperatures, the longer the time. The biggest trouble is not even that it starts to crack. The fact is that if the integrity of the surface is violated, this coating gradually evaporates, that is, gets into the product being prepared. Who wants to taste pancakes with Teflon? Therefore, when purchasing a frying pan with such a coating, do not forget to buy a special scoop that does not scratch, and also never clean it with powders.

Frying pan with non-stick coating is delicate. However, with proper care and observance of simple rules, she will please you with excellent results.

In conclusion, I would like to recall one morea kind of frying pan - aluminum. They should not be talked about for a long time, it is enough to note that they are completely unsuitable for baking pancakes. Do not even try, the results will definitely disappoint you.

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