Cocoa glaze: "brush" for the culinary artist

And what would the mistresses do without such a product ascocoa glaze? Confectionery products would not be so beautiful and tasty. Cooking is a creative process. And the appearance of this or that product is extremely important for its full perception. Cakes, cakes, cookies look wonderful if they are decorated with glaze. This also increases the nutritional value of finished products. Cocoa glaze made with own hand, much more fragrant and more useful than that which can be seen on the confectionery shops. Therefore, every hostess should know at least one, and preferably several recipes for its preparation.

It would seem that there is complicated? And in fact, on how accurately follow the recommendations of a particular recipe, the final result depends strongly. How to make cocoa glaze? Here is a recipe that can be called classical. Take 100 grams of chocolate, 3 tablespoons of cocoa, 5 tablespoons of milk, a glass of powdered sugar, 50 grams of butter (butter), a little bit of vanillin and starch. You will also need a small saucepan. Pour the milk into it and pour the powdered sugar. All this bring to a boil (always on a small fire), stirring constantly. Sugar powder should completely dissolve. Now you can send chocolate and butter to a saucepan. Then you should pour in vanillin, starch and cocoa. But only do this after the melt has completely melted. The whole mass must be mixed so that it would not have lumps. After that you need to cool it, and then beat it up with a wooden spoon, so that it gently thickens. So your cocoa glaze is ready. It will come in handy if you decide to bake a cake or a cookie. In case you want to make the final product not so sweet, then the amount of used powdered sugar can be reduced and take only 3 tablespoons.

Please note that when preparing glazeit is necessary to follow the sequence of actions. Many mistakenly add to it at first chocolate, and only then sugar. It is not right. You risk getting a poor-quality glaze with grains because the chocolate burns, and sugar does not have time to melt.

There is not only a classic recipe. Try to cook the icing with sour cream. It will perfectly suit ice cream, however, cakes and cakes decorated with such a product will also turn out extremely tasty. Take 3 tablespoons of cocoa, 6 - sugar powder and 4 - sour cream (always dense). All this should be mixed and brought to a boil. Then cool and use in their culinary experiments.

Many families experience financial difficulties,so they try to save on everything, even on food. Mistresses have to find economical recipes. Cocoa glaze can also be prepared in this way. Just do everything according to the classic recipe, but without the addition of chocolate, and also reduce the amount of cocoa to 3 tablespoons. The glaze will be thick and rosy due to the starch.

As you can see, any confectionery product is veryjust decorate with glaze, cooked at home. In addition, according to nutritionists, this product, although it turns out high-calorie, is still very useful. After all, cocoa contains polyphenols, which reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes, positively affecting the cardiovascular system. This product also stimulates brain activity and the production of the hormone "happiness." And, perhaps, it will be a complete surprise for you, cocoa prevents the appearance of caries.

How to make a cocoa glaze? Very simply: stock up on the necessary products, clearly follow the recipe and decorate your pastries with inspiration, connecting the imagination.

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