Whiskey "Johnnie Walker Red Label": composition, aftertaste and reviews

The famous Scottish entrepreneurlife was engaged in the production of tea. The business was quite successful, and the company is famous all over the world. After the death of John Walker, the cause of his life was continued by his descendants. Only began to produce ... whiskey. Today, the annual output exceeds 130 million bottles.

The idea pays for itself

By the beginning of 1867, the company was developing a newblending whiskey for "Johnny Walker." It was called Old Highland. The resulting drink fell into taste and instantly became famous. The grandsons of Johnny Walker bought in 1893 their first distillery. It was Cardu's farm. The enterprise began to gain momentum, and production rose to a higher level of quality.

"Joni Walker Red Label"

By the end of 1908, the owners of the distillery decided to replace two popular whiskeys: Johnnie Walker Very Special Old Highland Whiskey and the slightly less popular Extra Special Old Highland Whiskey.

And since the end of the winter of 1909 appears in theJohnnie Walker Red Label stores and Johnny Walker Black Label. The last and today is quite a famous drink. He has a very powerful blend of blended scotch: more than 40 varieties of first-class whiskey. The drink is aged in special containers for 12-15 years. As a result, there is an adhesive tape with a delicate taste and a soft mysterious fruit-chocolate-vanilla scent, which, evaporating, leaves behind a transparent smoke shade. Both tapes by the 1920s had a frenzied popularity and were sold in shops of more than 120 states.

Whiskey "Johnny Walker Red Label"

Another great drink from the company JohnnyWalker - whiskey Johnnie Walker Blue Label. Bottles with a similar taste can not be found. Blend for whiskey with a blue sticker made up of 16 different in the place of production of alcohols, having different taste, smell and age. Usually it's 22-25 years. This gives the drink its originality.

The permanent leader of the distillery "Johnny Walker"

But the best that was released by the company isScotch tape "Johnny Walker Red Label". This drink is much younger than the rest, but the bottle with the red label of this distillery is known to fans of strong alcohol and is one of the best sold in the world.

Blending for whiskey "Johnny Walker Red Label"made of 35 high-quality Scotch tape with a noble aging of not less than five years. The base of the mixture is Scotch tape with barely noticeable honey hues - Cardhu. Thanks to this, the drink has a subtle honey aftertaste and subtle notes of smoke and peat. Gourmets believe that this fragrance is the trademark of Johnny Walker distillery.

"Joni Walker Red Label." Price

The taste of the drink seems aggressive and quite sharp. These qualities are influenced by the youth of whiskey.

In the world's branded stores, in addition to the standard bottle of the Red Label, you can buy a five-liter bottle of whiskey Johnny Walker Red Label. The price is in the range of 6000-8000 rubles.

Specialist notes

Ideally, "Johnny Walker Red Label" has an amber color with rich ginger shades. When the beams of light hit the drink, reddish glare "walks" through the drink.

The nose feels light ozone freshness with an admixture of zest of various citrus. The aftertaste of the smell is lemon grass.

The taste of the drink is silky, slightly envelops the upper palate and tongue. Thanks to the oak barrels in which it is aged, it has a tart taste and a bright oak flavor.

Bright taste and deep scent give an opportunityUse the "Red Label" as the basis for cocktails. This whiskey is ideally "friends" with apple juice, coca-cola, cherry juice, tonic and smoked snacks. In cocktails in the ratio of one to one will be a perfect addition to fried meat or fish.

Fans of consuming whiskey with a red label in their pure form sommelier recommend a cigar for aftertaste. Impeccable combination.

In our country on the "Johnny Walker Red Label" 0.7 the price is 1500-2500 rubles.

Whiskey can not be drunk. Only in small sips and observing the special Scottish law of drinking whiskey. It says: in order to fully experience the taste and aroma of whiskey, be sure to observe the "rule of the four S":

  • Sight (admire) - before the first gulp play a drink in a glass, catch a ray of light.
  • Smell (inhale) - "taste" the smell of whiskey.
  • Swish (savor) - make the first test drink.
  • Splash - add ice, juice or water to make the drink open.

Whiskey "Johnny Walker Red Label". Price

And further. Whiskey from "Johnny Walker" with a red label categorically does not accept cakes, cakes, sweets and other sweets.

Why "Johnny Walker Red Label"

Most fans of whiskey consider the "Red Label" an ideal price-quality ratio. The most striking feature of this whiskey is the absence of a hangover.

Male advice: to drink whiskey "Johnny Walker" with a red label from glasses shaped like a tulip. The best temperature for this whiskey is 20̊ C. But the sommelier is advised to add a lot of ice cubes. This slightly reduces aggression and allows you to feel deeper a bouquet of flavor "Johnny Walker Red Label."

The first sip gives a spicy honey feast. It raises the mood, and fatigue melts ... The aftertaste is the smell of fruit, wrapped in smoke, and a light oak shade. If ice is not added, then the smoky tones are much brighter.

Female point of view

Ladies love this whiskey for the smell. It completely does not feel alcoholic notes. Yes, the smell is slightly harsh, but it's whiskey!

The taste is slightly bitter. This is due to the fact that the blend for the "Red Label" consists mainly of grain alcohols. The non-use of malt spirits indicates the almost complete absence of natural sweetness of the drink. Therefore, ladies prefer cocktails with "Johnny Walker Red Label", the price of which (the smallest bottle - 0.2 liters) ranges from 600-800 rubles.

"Johnny Walker Red Label" 0.7. Price

The structure of the drink is oily, the color spectrum is rich. Very nice to watch him in the glass.

Post scriptum

The popularity of this whiskey from "Johnny Walker" is so high (according to statistics in the world every second 5 bottles are sold!), That he became the most forged adhesive tape on the planet.

Manufacturer recommends buyerpay attention to the cap. In the original, it is slightly swollen with a small bulge in the center. After recent changes, the collar of the cap is wider. Now it covers a significant part of the neck. On the cap must be the inscription John Walker & Sons, printed clearly.

The rectangular shape of the bottle has bevelled corners. The designers of the company believe that this gives the bottle "masculinity and muscularity". Below, on the front side of the bottle, there is a distinctly traced silhouette of a walking man walking with a cane.

Below him is a ribbon with gold medals won at various competitions and tastings.

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