Which Irkutsk restaurant to visit: several options

You came to Irkutsk from another city, alreadyexamined its main attractions, and now you want to try the local cuisine? No problems. We have picked for you the best restaurants in Irkutsk. Reviews and detailed information about the establishments is contained in the article. Take a notebook and write down.

Restaurant of Irkutsk

Banquet-hall "Paris"

We present to you the most luxurious restaurantIrkutsk. What is its advantage over other institutions? First, it is decorated in an elegant style. Secondly, the restaurant building is at the highest point in the city. From here all the sights are visible as in the palm of your hand. "Paris" - a restaurant (Irkutsk), reviews about which are always positive.


The name of the institution fully corresponds to itsinternal situation. When you cross his threshold, you get the feeling that you were in one of the French houses. Forged lanterns, shop windows, vintage decor elements, noble textiles - all this conveys the unique atmosphere of Paris. In one of the halls you can even see the main symbol of the French capital - the Eiffel Tower. It is a metal structure, covered with gray paint.

Want to celebrate your birthday, weddingor some kind of family holiday? Then you should rent a banquet hall. It is furnished with comfortable furniture made of natural wood. Chairs and armchairs are covered with expensive cloth brought from abroad. Particular attention is paid to serving tables. High ceilings, the presence of a modern acoustic system and good lighting - all this makes "Paris" a suitable place for noisy parties and banquets. Guests are happy to take pictures on the background of a mini copy of the Eiffel Tower, beautifully decorated tables and panoramic windows.

The building also includes:

  • hookah;
  • concert stage;
  • banquet rooms (for small companies);
  • summer terrace.
    Paris restaurant irkutsk reviews


The chef of the restaurant prepares dishes of European andFrench cuisine. Guests do not have to wait long for your order. In the kitchen, a whole team of cooks. All of them are professionals in the culinary business.

Most visitors to the establishment order:

  • Caesar salad";
  • schnitzel;
  • roast beef;
  • salmon on the grill;
  • meat and fish assortment;
  • seafood salad;
  • tiramisu.

From drinks are available: a variety of cocktails, noble wines, juices, as well as several types of tea and coffee.

"Paris" (restaurant), Irkutsk: reviews

Most people who have visited this institution,speak out about it positively. The main advantages of the restaurant they call a luxurious interior, attentive to the guests, a varied menu and affordable prices. This Irkutsk restaurant serves as an ideal place for lavish weddings, gay parties and corporate parties. To order a table, call +7 (3952) 74-44-11.

Address: Irkutsk, ul. Jacobi, 35.

Restaurants of Irkutsk photo

Restaurant "At the source"

Have you ever tried Buryat cuisine? If not, then it's time to fix this situation. We represent you the restaurant of Irkutsk, which is called "At the source".


The institution of Russian-Buryat cuisine was opened inJune 2011. This day was designated by a local shaman. Therefore, the restaurant has a special atmosphere. On weekdays, background music sounds here, and on weekends popular groups perform in the city.


This Irkutsk restaurant consists of severalpremises. The main hall accommodates up to 200 people. The interior impresses with its luxury and a variety of decorative elements. To finish the floor, walls and ceiling used natural and modern materials. Lamps with snowy shades, textiles of pastel colors, wooden furniture - all this contributes to the creation of a cozy atmosphere. The hall is furnished with soft sofas, rectangular tables and chairs with high backs. In addition, there are 3 stylized Buryat yurts. In each of them can be 4-7 people.

For a small company, a banquet room is provided. It hosts corporate parties, business negotiations, family holidays. Furniture, textiles, floors, walls and ceiling - everything here is done in calm colors.

In summer, the restaurant offers a terrace that can accommodate up to 50 people. On it are cozy round gazebos and several tables.

Restaurants in Irkutsk reviews


What treats visitors to the restaurant is localChef? He prepares dishes based on recipes of Russian and Buryat cuisines. It turns out to be unusually tasty and beautiful. Especially popular among the guests are such dishes as:

  • noodles in Buryat style;
  • lamb ribs in the test;
  • salted pears (served with sour cream, onions and herbs);
  • eggplant rolls.

In the bar located on the territory of the restaurant, you can buy sparkling wines, liquor, beer, mineral water, juices, milkshakes, coffee and tea.

Chinese restaurants in Irkutsk

Chinese Restaurants in Irkutsk

Are you a fan of oriental cuisine? Want to try salads, hot snacks and desserts prepared by professional chefs from China? To do this, you do not need to buy a ticket and issue a visa to this country. In Irkutsk there are many Chinese restaurants. The most popular of them are:

  • "Hieroglyph", st. Yadrintseva, d. 1;
  • "Mandarin", st. Ulaanbaatar, 4;
  • "Golden Island", microdistrict "University", d.43;
  • "Seoul", st. December events, 57;
  • "Beijing Duck", st. Lytkina, 61.


We have listed the most interesting and visitedrestaurants of Irkutsk. Photo institutions are also attached to the article. Now you know that in the city of Irkutsk there is a lot of place where you can taste delicious food and join the high cuisine.

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