Pizza, like in a pizzeria. The recipe from an Italian chef

You want to learn cooking and cook at home so,how not to cook in a restaurant? Then you just need to learn the ways of baking pizza. After all, this Italian food has so entered our diet that hardly any one person can now give it up. It is not difficult to crush everything in a batter. But the pizza, like in a pizzeria, the recipe of which we will tell you, will not be for everyone.

pizza as in a pizzeria recipe
Pizza from an Italian chef

Yes, I do not exaggerate a gram. This recipe came from a real Italian chef. And that's what I can do now. First I mix yeast (eighty grams) with sugar (twenty-five grams). Put it all in warm water (one glass) and add salt (fifteen grams), one egg. I mix everything well. Pre-cook the mashed potatoes of two or three tubers. I put warm crushed potatoes into the mixture that had turned out earlier. I beat everything with a whisk. I sift one kilogram of flour through a sieve. I make from it a "well", inside which I pour in the mixed ingredients. I start kneading the dough. At the end of the batch I add fifty grams of olive oil. Delicious pizza is required for cooking time. After the first batch, I put off the dough for a short while (about twenty minutes). Then mix a little bit and divide into six equal parts. I lubricate the table with oil. On it I put "koloboks" of the dough and, having covered them with a towel, I give definitively to rise. During this time I prepare the filling. Three hundred and fifty grams of mozzarella finely chopped, three hundred grams of radomera and the same Russian rubbed on a large grater. Finished chicken fillet in large pieces. Ham and pineapple cut into strips.

tasty pizza
It was time to prepare the sauce: I mix mayonnaise, ketchup, I put a branch of rosemary and olives, torn into several parts, which I previously cut into small pieces. The dough for this time is finally suitable. I spread it into greased forms, in which I give it precisely their outlines. The first layer of the filling is sauce, mozzarella, chicken fillet, ham, pineapple, large tomatoes are spread over it. Above all, we fall asleep with grated cheeses. Pizza, like in a pizzeria, the recipe of which I'm telling you, is baked in the oven at a very high temperature (almost maximum). But the dough browns for seven to ten minutes.

Pizza, like in a pizzeria. Recipe for the second

The first method of preparation requires a certain time. But often you want to

pizza in a frying pan 10 minutes
eat something delicious after work. For this case, the recipe "Pizza in a frying pan" is suitable. 10 minutes will be required for its preparation, no more! Ingredients for this dish are quite simple. This flour (spoonfuls of dining rooms nine or ten), four tablespoons of mayonnaise and sour cream, two chicken eggs, a couple of pinch of salt. As a filling - everything that your imagination is capable of. I mix flour, mayonnaise, sour cream, eggs, salt. It turns out a fairly liquid dough. I pour it into a frying pan, greased with vegetable oil. From above I put everything I have prepared as a filling. The final touch - any cheese, grated on a large grater. The more cheesy the component is, the more delicious the pizza. Frying pan with the contents put on fire. I cover with a lid. I cook for ten minutes. Of course, to taste it will not be pizza, like in a pizzeria - the recipe is still simple. However, a fast and tasty dish is obtained.

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