Tasty fish on the grill

Grilling is one of the bestways for fish, especially for varieties with dense and fatty meat. There are many different ways to cook fish on the grill, but they all share the same advantage - with such frying, excess fat is removed and no burning products are found that are characteristic of the roasted crust. On your table is a delicious and hearty meal that does not harm the body.

Fish on the grill
In addition, the fish on the grill can be prepared with different marinades and sauces. Thanks to this dish for a long time will not bother your loved ones and friends.

Red fish on the grill

The recipe will require the followingproducts: eight hundred grams of salmon, half a liter of water, half a lemon juice and a half lime, a little grated ginger, a twig of thyme, lime zest, sugar, half a tablespoon of mustard seeds, cumin, fennel, chili, and a teaspoon of salt. For lemon marinade, water, lemon and lime juice, lime peel, sugar, thyme and ginger will be required. Mix all ingredients of marinade and heat on the stove for about five minutes. Pour salmon with the sauce and leave for forty-five minutes. Spice the spices in a skillet without oil and chop them in a mortar, sprinkle the fish with them. Fry the salmon on the stove or on the grill until a golden crust appears. The best side dish will be mashed potatoes with sour cream and fresh herbs. If you want an original combination, fish on the grill can be served to a table with fresh spinach and mango.

Flounder with green butter

Delicious fish on the grill can be not only red.

Red fish on the grill recipe
Flounder is also very juicy and fragrant. Take eight fish, one hundred and eighty grams of butter, half a bunch of green onions and parsley, two lemons, one hundred grams of butter. Butter the butter with chopped parsley and lemon juice, add the pepper and leave in the refrigerator for an hour. Flounder cleanse and make oblique cuts on the carcasses. Marinate fish with vegetable oil, green onions and lemon juice. After an hour, drain the extra marinade and put the fish on the grill or grill. On each side fry for a few minutes. Ready fish should be served with frozen green oil, parsley and lemon.

River fish on the grill

If the family has an enthusiastic fisherman, cookyou can not only sea fish, but also the usual pike. You will need three hundred grams of fish, salt, parsley, dill. Gut and thoroughly rinse the carcass. Salt the fish from the inside and leave for a quarter of an hour.

How to cook fish on a grill
At the end of this time, the cut abdomenArrange fresh fresh herbs. Send the fish to the grate and bake until done. As a rule, the fish on the grill is prepared about fifteen minutes. Serve this dish with any side dish to taste.

Sardines on charcoal

This unusual fish on the grill will pleasantly surprise youits original taste. It will take a kilogram of sardines, large salt, oregano, parsley, fennel, lemon. For marinade you need to take a half cup of fish broth, pepper, salt, corn flour, two yolks and lemon juice. Make on the carcass incisions, sprinkle with salt and herbs and leave for half an hour. Mix all the ingredients, except lemon juice and yolks, in a saucepan, stir over low heat for fifteen minutes. Yolks with lemon juice should be poured into the sauce when it becomes thicker. Do not bring to a boil, let it finally thicken. After frying the sardines on the grill to crispy crusts, serve them to a table with sauce and lemon.

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