Cheese Oltermani: a successful combination of taste, caloric content, price and nutritional value

Cheeses - an integral component of nutritionmost people. They are avoided only by two categories of the population: those who do not have enzymes that break down dairy products in the body (and one can only sympathize with them), and those who do not eat them for dietary reasons ("weight loss"). And such people will just be pleased with the Oltermany cheese, which the Finns gave birth to the cheese-makers.

altermani cheese

Taste characteristics

We note at once - this cheese is very pronouncedcreamy taste, and gentle and soft. Slim, slightly bitter and with a barely noticeable sour taste tastes the cheese even more spicy. At the same time Oltermani cheese has a very pleasant, unobtrusive and peculiar smell, which only increases the appetite of the product. And an additional bonus is its unsalinity: salt in the course of cooking, of course, is present, but in microscopic amounts.

oltermany cheese composition

Unique product qualities

Cheese Oltermani with its good taste andaromatic data is also useful for people with digestive problems and those who do not want to get them: it does not have lactose in its composition. But it is she who provokes diarrhea or bloating, since most organisms simply can not digest. In parallel, this type of cheese includes a large amount of calcium, which strengthens the bones and walls of the vessels. It is worth mentioning that he also cooks absolutely without any preservatives. Slimming will also be interesting Oltermany - cheese, the caloric content of which is not too high, no less than fat. The latter, by the way, can vary - for a wide variety of tastes. Cheese is made Oltermani 17, 9, 29 and 55% fat (calories, respectively, is 270, 210, 360 and 400 kcal). At the same time, it contains a lot of protein (for example, 29 g of 17% cheese), so at low caloric content it is quite nutritious, which is important for maintaining strength. The physical advantage is that this cheese does not crumble when sliced.

oltermani cheese calories

What is Oltermani

In principle, it was conceived as a dietaryproduct. For those who avoid high-calorie food, the company Valio produces Oltermani - cheese, the composition of which consists almost entirely of natural ingredients. It includes milk, to increase the shelf life of the pasteurized milk; a bacterial concentrate made from living bacteria (lactic acid, naturally); A special drug for coagulating milk is chymosin (it is of vegetable origin) and the only chemical ingredient is a hardener. It has a "terrible" name E 509, but in fact it is an ordinary calcium chloride, which does not harm the body.

cheese oltermany price

External signs of quality

No matter how good and quality the product is,Violation of the conditions of its storage or dishonesty of the seller can greatly upset you. So even if your goal is high-quality Oltermani cheese, take a look at it before buying: did someone else neglect it. And you can focus even on external signs (just the date stamped on the package, you should not particularly trust). On the piece there should be no trace of staleness: changes in the color of the surface, black or colored dots, mold spots. If the Oltermoney cheese has a weathered edge or a shrunken appearance, this also means that it is lying a long time ago or was stored incorrectly.

Which package is better to take?

A greater guarantee of freshness can servefactory packaging. When the store cuts, sanitary rules are sometimes violated, and the cheese spoils even wrapped in polyethylene. In this respect, Oltermoney cheese is very convenient: it is sold as heads for 450, 550, and 900 grams, and in the form of slicing - for 150 or 250 grams. Both types of packaging are packed in the factory, and hermetically, so it is almost impossible to buy a poor-quality product. In addition, the factory packaging necessarily indicates not only the composition, but also the fat content, which is especially relevant with respect to this particular cheese. After all, it can be bought for dietary purposes, and for a certain dish that will not work very well if you buy "not that."

altermani cheese 17

Seductive dish with Oltermany

Note that this cheese is used forcooking a wide variety of dishes. It is good in salads (although it's not very suitable for the Greek - the structure is dense, and in this dish you need a loose variety), in soups-mashed potatoes or cream soups, very harmonious in baking and perfectly combined with any "filling" for sandwiches. There are also recipes, where only Oltermani cheese is good, the price of which (from 160 to 172 and a half rubles for a pound) makes it also quite affordable for cooking. The most attractive, in our opinion, pumpkin casserole with his participation. For it on 700 g of pumpkin 150 g Oltermani (which is fatter, 29%), the same mixture of hazelnut with almonds, greens, 3 large spoons of sesame, sour cream, salt, spices are taken. The peeled pumpkin is rubbed or finely-finely cut and fried. If a little bit, it turns out quite a diet dish. If it's strong, it's delicious, but less useful. Washed nuts are dried in a skillet without oil. Greens with nuts are beaten in a blender (or a mixer, but not such a homogeneous mass). Cheese is rubbed, all the prepared ingredients are mixed, salt, spices and 2/3 sesame are added. A baking dish or a deep frying pan is smeared with butter. If you know for sure that your capacity is capricious and can burn out - sprinkle with crushed breadcrumbs, but it's better to do without them. In a heated oven, the casserole should be kept for about half an hour; but the ovens are also different, so the main sign of readiness, which should be oriented - a golden crust. The prepared dish should be cooled, so it is neatly cut and more delicious. Then pour sour cream - and on the table.

We can say that the Oltermani cheese is universal and will suit both those who are dieting and those who just like to eat delicious.

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