Is it possible to fry mushrooms and how to do it correctly so that they do not bitter?

can I fry the mushrooms
Fried mushrooms - it's quite hearty and tastya dish that sometimes (for example, during fasting) can even replace meat. They are served with potatoes, rice, and also used as a side dish. Thus, often cooked mushrooms, champignons and chanterelles. Is it possible to fry mushrooms? There is no definite answer to this question. On the one hand, such a method of preparation is hampered by a rather specific bitter taste, which leaves only during long processing (for example, salting). On the other hand, if recipes exist, then someone uses them. However, to unequivocally answer the question: "Is it possible to fry mushrooms?", It is best to try it on your own experience.

How to get rid of bitterness?

Before frying mushrooms, you need thema good soak. Usually it takes 2 days. And the water should be changed at least 8 times. Then they need to boil in salted water for 10 minutes, drain the water and repeat this action by pouring fresh. After this, they are thrown into a colander or a strainer and left for half an hour to allow the glass to cover all the liquid. And then you can proceed directly to cooking. In addition, experienced housewives recommend frying exclusively hats. Stronger legs are better used for other purposes (for example, for soup).

How to fry mushrooms?

Half a kilo of fresh mushrooms will need salt andgarlic to taste, a little vegetable oil (you can use olive). Wrap the soaked boiled mushrooms on a dry hot frying pan, cover it with a lid and stew for about 10 minutes, stirring occasionally. Then drain all the formed liquid, add butter and fry about 5 minutes, salt and squeezing out the garlic through a press. At the end, chopped parsley is poured into a frying pan. It turns out a very tasty dish, which is recommended to serve with mashed potatoes.

can you fry white mushrooms

Can I fry white mushrooms?

This type of mushroom is very common indeciduous forests. Experienced mushroom pickers in the season manage to collect several hundred kilograms. An ideal way to prepare white mushrooms is still salting. The question of whether it is possible to fry mushrooms usually occurs at a stage when traditional recipes for this mushroom are already exhausted. If they are well soaked and boiled, then, in principle, a good dish will turn out. Although a specific flavor will still remain.

How to fry the mushrooms in sour cream?

For a kilogram of fresh mushrooms take 2 cupssour cream, 50 g of butter, half a glass of flour. Also useful salt, breadcrumbs (50 g) and pepper to taste. If the answer to the question: "Is it possible to fry mushrooms?" You respond positively, then you can try a little to diversify the dish.

how to fry mushrooms

Milk should be soaked and boiled, as indicatedhigher. Then the flour is mixed with salt and pepper. In it you need to roll the mushroom caps and fry them on the hot oil for 5 minutes. Then add the sour cream, biscuits and continue to prepare, stirring. After 15 minutes the dish is ready. It can play the role of the main (with potatoes or rice) or become a gorgeous side dish to the meat. Thanks to the combination of sour cream and butter, a very delicate taste is obtained, and biscuits make the dish more satisfying.

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