When stored, honey is sugared. Why does crystallization occur?

Honey is falsified more often than othersproducts. Consumers are tired of revealing the degree of its naturalness, resorting to simple tests at home. Often there is such a picture: within 2-3 months the fresh liquid honey bought in the store was candied. Why is this happening and how is crystallization reflected in its quality? Beekeepers call this process a "cage" and consider it quite natural. However, not all sorts of "sit down" over time, and this leads consumers to worrying thoughts.

Should I sugar my real honey?

should I sugar my real honey
With prolonged storage, bee honey crystallizes, this eventually occurs even in sealed honeycombs in the hive.

What is the reason that under the same conditionsstorage one grade remains liquid for years, and another honey - candied? Why is the nature of the crystallization of its different species different? This is due to the ratio of the main components: glucose, water and fructose in each particular variety.

Fructose is readily soluble in water, and notforms crystals. This means that honey with a high content of fructose (sage, heather, chestnut) may not crystallize for a long time. Acacia is able to remain liquid for more than two years.

Glucose has the lowest solubility. The more it is in honey, the faster it "sits down".

The ratio of glucose and fructose is notconstant. It depends on the weather conditions, species of plants, honey-bees, bee breeds and the degree of maturity of the product of their vital activity. If under the influence of certain natural factors increases the allocation of fructose plants, then honey harvested in this year, can not crystallize, remaining liquid for a very long time.

this honey is sugared or not

Other sugars contained in the treat are also affecting crystallization processes.

Melecytosis is a glucose anticrystallizer.A low content of this substance (2-3%) can be observed in varieties harvested from rapeseed, rape, sunflower. They sit faster, so it is normal that after 2 months, such honey is candied.

Why do not crystallized honey?In them, as in chestnut, lime and white-acacia varieties, the percentage of melecytosis is higher (6-9%). This very substance, with a high content, can precipitate in the form of flocculent crystals.

The quality of the product, its maturity and its botanical origin can be judged by the nature of the crystallization and by how quickly honey is sugared.

Why does not the filtered honey harden?

The seeds of flower pollen present innatural product, are the centers around which the crystallization process begins. If you pass honey through filters that remove pollen, mucus and protein substances, it does not harden for a long time and has an attractive presentation. Large suppliers to European countries are China and India. The origin of honey can be traced only by the pollen, and the ultrafiltered sweet product in some countries is even forbidden to call the word "honey".

How does real honey behave?

Is the substance produced by the bees from the syrup flavored or not? They

honey was sugared why
create a product that is similar in chemical propertieswith natural flower honey. The processes in it are exactly the same, so everything depends on the integrity of the beekeeper. Knowing the fineness of product development, you can affect its consistency. Sugar is easy to accelerate by adding to the new honey the old one. Add 1 g of honey which has been planted on 1 kg of liquid and thoroughly mixed, it is possible to obtain a cage for 1-2 days.

In the cold, sugar is faster.It begins at the boundary between fluid and air; liquid and solid. Some varieties harden from the top down, others have crystals appearing on the bottom, and the process goes from bottom to top.

The sugaring process does not affect the qualityproduct and does not reduce its nutritional value. During the Soviet era, even forbade the sale on the collective-farm markets of liquid honey after October 1, considering it to be counterfeit and unfit for consumption.

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