Recipe: Salapin porridge for fishing

Salapin porridge, the recipe of which weconsider a little below, is a bait designed for fishing. This dish is a personal invention of Dmitry Salapin. It is also worth noting that such a dense rich product acts as a good bait for feeder fishing.

Recipe: salapin porridge with dyes and other flavor additives

Necessary ingredients for bait:

recipe for salapin porridge

  • pearl barley - ½ cup;
  • millet croup - 1 glass;
  • corn croup - ½ cup;
  • croup of barley - 1 glass;
  • vanillin - 2 sachets;
  • food colors - if desired;
  • unrefined sunflower oil (smelling) - ½ cup.

Features of the dish

Recipe for "Salapin porridge" providesuse of different groats. Their proportions may vary depending on how seriously and how seriously you decided to tackle fishing. It is worth noting that the probability of catching a large catch with this dish increases several times, if during its preparation use aromatic spices, as well as food colorings.

The process of preparation pearl barley

salapin porridge recipe
Recipe for "Salapin porridge" in the first placerequires the preparation of pearl barley. To do this, it should be poured into boiling water at a rate of 1: 3. After that, the rump needs to be stirred, and then reduce the fire to a minimum, so that the dish will languish, and not boil. In this condition, the pearl barley should be prepared within 40-50 minutes.

The process of making millet cereals

As you can see, the recipe "Salapin porridge" is being preparedstep by step, with the gradual addition of croups into boiling water. This makes the dish a more suitable consistency for fishing. After the pearl bar becomes soft, it should be poured into the pyshenka, while the fire and the amount of water should not be increased. Both types of cereals should be well stirred, and then flavored with refined sunflower oil and 2 bags of vanillin. Next, it is recommended to cover the porridge with a lid and leave to languish for 20-24 minutes.

The final stage in the preparation

we cook classic salapin porridge
We cook classic Salapin porridge until,until all the water finally boils away. After this, food colorings, corn and barley must be poured into the semi-finished product. Next, dishes with a dish should be tightly closed with a lid, hold on for another 1-3 minutes, and then remove from the plate, put on a cutting board and strongly wrapped in a towel. In this position, it is recommended to keep the porridge for 3-5 hours. During this time the unprocessed ingredients will swell, making the dish more dense.

It is also worth noting that in its consistencySalapin bait for fish should not turn out sticky, but crumbly. However, if you take it in the palm of your hand and tightly squeeze it into a fist, then a hard and strong lump must come out of it. If this does not happen, then it is recommended to pour ½ of a glass of usual Herculean flakes into the salapin porridge for fishing. Under the influence of temperature they swell and help "glue" the necessary lump from a self-brewed bait.

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