Table caloric content of vegetables. Energy value of fruits and greens

If you dream of a slender body and notwant to exhaust yourself with debilitating diets, then this article is for you. It tells how to properly and nutritionally eat the gifts of the plant world, to lose weight and at the same time feel cheerful and active. Also below is a table of caloric content of vegetables, the energy value of greens, fruits and berries is described.

General principles of vegetable diet

It turns out that the calorie content of green fruits is the mostthe minimum. This applies to both vegetables and fruits. The first are more useful in losing weight, since they contain a minimum of carbohydrates. As for fruits, the sugars contained in them can lead to fat deposits on your body. The least total of calories contains ordinary greens - dill, parsley, onions, coriander, basil. The same applies to herbs - mint and melissa, which not only without harm to the figure help to make dishes fragrant and delicious, but also dull the feeling of hunger, improve immunity, positively affect the work of the nervous system.

calorie table for vegetables
Remember that fresh fruits are more useful.Their contents have a lower energy value than the calories of boiled vegetables. The table in this article focuses specifically on products that can not be heat treated. After all, when we cook vegetables, they absorb oil. In addition, the landlady can pour them a sauce, which several times raises their calorie content. Therefore, if you decide to cook foods, avoid frying and stewing, preferring safe brewing without adding fatty components to the dish.

Calorie table for vegetables

For cooking, use only freshproducts. Part of the fruit in a special container put on the table - they will always be in sight, pushing you to unusual experiments, awakening the imagination and causing to create culinary masterpieces. The other half put in the refrigerator - under the influence of low temperature they last longer, remaining beautiful and externally juicy inside.

Table calorie content of vegetables in 100 grams
ProductKcalProteins (g)Fats (g)Carbohydrates (g)
Potatoes75.71.80.614, I
Jerusalem artichoke61.032.340.113.1
Sweet potato60.222.10.2414.3
Hot pepper40.


35, I2.470.296.51
Brussels sprouts355.140.23.2
Gherkin28.21.20.14, I
White cabbage281.530.115.3
Red cabbage26.210.24.8
Bell pepper261.50.15
Tomato ground24.1210.24.1
Chinese cabbage161.240.22

Remember that the longest in the intestines digested zucchini and red cabbage. The fastest is the assimilation of tomatoes and, oddly enough, potatoes.

Canned and pickled vegetables

They are very caloric. The highest energy value is olives - 175 calories per 100 grams of this product. Next come eggplant and squash caviar - 148 and 119 respectively, then olives - 115 and tomato paste - 102. The safest polka-dots - 40 kcal, green beans and canned spinach - 16 kcal each. As for sauerkraut and pickled products, they are more useful than canned, but much more harmful for a figure than for ordinary fruits.

calorie content of fruits and vegetables table
Table caloric content of vegetables, cited above,demonstrates the nutritional value of fresh. Caloric content of pickled vegetables is not much different: the primacy is given to beets - almost 33 calories, followed by carrots - 25 and cabbage - 23. Among the pickled fruits in the first position, sweet pepper is 24 kcal. A very small food value is possessed by tomatoes and cucumbers, salted or pickled, - from 13 to 16 calories. As for greenery, the greatest energy value is garlic, coriander and dried celery. Then go parsnip, parsley, dill and horseradish. The most low-calorie are salad leaves, onions, rhubarb, asparagus, spinach and sorrel.

Energy value of fruit

Some of them are realfat burners. Firstly, it is grapefruit - it cleans the body of toxins and toxins. In 100 grams of the product - only 35 calories. Eating two fruits of medium size, you not only do not gain weight, but, conversely, you can get rid of a few pounds. Secondly, a more caloric apple (46 calories) will also make you much more slender. Fruit is ideal for unloading days, replacing your favorite harmful sweets. Thirdly, I would like very much to mention the pineapple (48 kcal) useful for the figure, which splits fats perfectly and quenches the feeling of hunger.

calorie table of vegetables in 100 grams
The calorie content of vegetables is significantly differentfruit: the table above shows that the first of them have a rather low energy value. Fruits are more caloric. The championship for exotic fruits dates, apricots, dried apricots and avocados - 281, 278, 272 and 223 kcal, respectively. Among domestic specimens, grapes, cherries and apricots are leading, but their nutritional value is significantly lower than that of overseas "colleagues" - 69.49 and 46 kcal. The most harmless berries are cloudberry, viburnum and sea-buckthorn. Their energy value does not exceed 30 calories.

How to lose weight?

Here you will use the above figures -calorie content of vegetables and fruits. The table will help you choose the most useful for the shape. Remember: add juiciness to the dish is not necessary with the help of harmful oil and mayonnaise sauces - make their berry analog. Puree from fruit pulp, mixed with red wine and lemon juice will become a wonderful dressing for salads and other dishes. You can cook pizza from vegetables, where rice sheets serve as a test, and eggplants, zucchini, peppers and mushrooms fill it. Dessert can be made from useful fruits and skim milk - you will get a delicious and fragrant cocktail.

calorie content of boiled vegetables table
Sitting on a diet, you can cook and shish kebab. The table of caloric content of vegetables shows us those products that need to be used for this. If your weight is very large, take for the dish the gifts of nature, located at the very bottom. When it is necessary to throw off only a few kilograms, then use all of the listed products. Nourishing and hearty shish kebab is obtained from eggplant and mushrooms - they are "fleshy" and low-calorie. Constantly replenish the stocks of vegetables and fruits. Do not forget that even an ordinary omelet can be varied with lobules of pepper, carrot strips, tomato rings and cubes of courgettes. It turns out very useful and amazingly appetizing.

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