Recipe for crumbs-potatoes with smoked bacon, sour cream and greens

The recipe for crumbs and potatoes is so simple that it isthe dish can be easily prepared at home. It is also worth noting that such a dinner is not less delicious, fragrant and satisfying than a similar vegetable, which is sold in a fast food cafe.

Option 1. Classic potato: recipe with a photo

potato crumb recipe

Necessary ingredients:

  • spices, sea salt and seasonings - according to your desire and taste;
  • potatoes young, fresh, medium size - 8-9 pieces;
  • fresh leek - 1 large bunch;
  • sour cream or medium-fat mayonnaise - 160 g;
  • ground red pepper - 1 pinch;
  • fresh garlic - a small tooth;
  • butter - 50-70 g;
  • hard cheese - 80 g.

Cooking process

The recipe for crumbs and potatoes can include completely different ingredients, which fill the vegetable. In this regard, we present to your attention 2 methods of preparation.

baby potato recipe

Before direct stuffing of potatoesthe vegetable should be carefully processed. Tubers are required to be washed in hot water using a brush, and then dried with napkins or a towel. Next, each potato should be cut with a cross (almost to the end, but that it does not fall apart, preserving the appearance of the whole vegetable), after which the tubers must be salted and peppered.

The first recipe for crumbs-potatoes providesuse of sour cream. For its preparation sour cream (you can take mayonnaise) is required to mix with finely chopped leeks, butter, red pepper, grated garlic and cheese. The resulting mass must be put in potatoes, which should be placed in advance in dense foil. Preparing a fragrant lunch in the oven for about 35-40 minutes.

baby potato recipe with photo
Option 2. Kroshka-potato: recipe of preparation with smoked bacon

Necessary ingredients:

  • smoked bacon - 80 g;
  • potatoes young fresh medium - 8-9 pieces;
  • fresh greens - 1 large bunch;
  • mayonnaise of average fat content - 140 g;
  • ground red pepper - 1 pinch;
  • fresh garlic - a small tooth;
  • Spices, sea salt and seasonings - at will and taste;
  • hard cheese - 80 g.

Cooking process

The presented recipe for crumbs-potatoes includes slices of smoked bacon. This makes the dish more flavorful and satisfying.

Potato tubers should be thoroughly washed,cut a cross or take out a part of the core, thereby making a small groove, and then put there stuffing: smoked bacon should be finely chopped, add to it finely chopped greens, chopped garlic, salt, medium-fat mayonnaise, red pepper, spices and seasonings, and grated hard cheese. After that stuffed potato tubers should be wrapped in culinary foil and put in an oven for 35-38 minutes. During this time, the vegetable will completely be baked and absorb all the flavors of the filling.

Correct feed to the table

A crumb-potato should be served to the table only inhot with wheat bread. In order to make this dish beautiful and mouth-watering, it is not recommended to take the vegetable out of the foil. It is necessary only slightly to bend it, constructing a peculiar plate.

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