Recipe mamalygi in Abkhazian and the fineness of its preparation

Mamaliga is a tasty, satisfying and inexpensive dish that can often be seen on the table in Georgian, Ossetian, Adyghe and Abkhaz families. It is prepared easily, the ingredients do not require much.

hominy recipe
In fact, the recipe for hominy is a recipe for very thick porridge (it is often eaten instead of bread), which is hard boiled, and then cut into a special wooden knife or canvas thread.

In Romanian and Moldovan cuisine mamalyga cookvery thick consistency. We can say that this is not even cereal, but steam bread. A ready-made dish, even in its form, resembles a loaf. Caucasians are also preparing hominy, closer to the porridge. It is brewed from corn or flour. Another inalienable condition is that the recipe for hominy in the Caucasus does not imply the addition of salt, sugar or spices, the porridge turns out to be absolutely fresh. Unique flavor is given to her by additional ingredients: salted suluguni cheese, cherry plum sauce and other savory sauces.

Hominy in Abkhazian: recipe for cooking

hominy in Abkhazian recipe
In the preparation of hominy, nothing is complicated.Perhaps the most important thing is to guess the ratio of water and corn flour. Many use a 1: 3 ratio, but in our recipe for Abkhaz housewives, it is 1: 2.5. So, for one full glass of small corn groats or flour, we need two and a half glasses of water. It also requires brine cheese suluguni, about 150 grams, and a tablespoon of butter, for tenderness.

Traditional recipe for hominy, as we have alreadymentioned does not involve the addition of salt. However, at first porridge may seem to you too fresh, and the taste preferences of our compatriots differ somewhat from the traditions adopted in the Caucasus. So once you can mamalyg and podsolit, but very little - then you will understand yourself, do you need salt in this recipe and how much.

For a delicious hominy, you need the right saucepan, andit is better if it has thick walls. The ideal cookware for cooking is a pot, but at the worst, an ordinary enamel saucepan will do. Pour in it the required amount of water, a little podsalivaem and waiting for the water to boil.

Sleeping of cereals in boiling water is an important andresponsible process. Do this carefully, with a thin trickle, while constantly stirring the contents of the saucepan. Then the finished porridge will be homogeneous and without nasty lumps.

Recipe hominy from corn cereals suggests20-30 minutes for cooking. If the porridge is prepared from flour, half that time will suffice. However, it will not be possible to move away from the cooker for a long time - after all, the mamalig must often be stirred. The dish is cooked on the smallest fire. Readiness is checked very easily: we stick a wooden rolling pin into the porridge and crank it. If the porridge does not stick, then it's ready!

hominy recipe for cornmeal
But do not rush to lay out hominy on plates.First, using a wooden spatula, moistened with water, a little detach the contents of the pot from its walls and leave it for another couple of minutes on the stove. Then it will only be necessary to turn the dishes and dump the ready "loaf" on a beautiful dish. By the way, by the integrity and form of the hominy, by that, it falls apart, or all the grains form a single monolith, and judge the quality of the finished porridge.

Serve hominy with many different products. This is suluguni, and brynza, and kvass, and garlic, and Georgian adzhika, and fried onions, and lard with cracklings ... In general, choose what you like, and enjoy this nutritious and healthy dish!

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