Why honey quickly candied? How to restore his previous state?

Why honey quickly candied
Why honey quickly candied?Because it is qualitative, or, conversely, to acquire this kind is no longer worth it? Crystallization for this delicacy is a normal process, and the fact that after a while in it there are pieces of sugar, only speaks about its quality. And yet, let's take a closer look at why honey quickly sugared, and what can be done to restore its normal consistency.

General information

There are several varieties of naturaldelicacies produced by bees. And each of them in its composition has glucose, that is, sugar, for which crystallization is a natural process. And the more it is in honey, the faster it will sugar. If you want to avoid this, it is recommended to purchase a product with a low glucose content.

How fast is the natural honey sugared?

Crystals in a treat can appear in two to three months. In some varieties, with less glucose, a little later.

How quickly natural sugar is sugared

What to do? Honey quickly sugared

Do not worry, there are two ways that solve this problem.

Warm up the container with honey in the sauna or sauna

The desired temperature for this procedure is notless than 35 degrees. In such an environment, the sugar crystals will completely dissolve after 20 minutes. In no case do not leave honey for a longer time, since you risk destroying all the useful substances in it. There are no restrictions on the volume of this method.

To warm a container with honey in a water bath at home

We note at once that in this way meltsugar costs in small quantities, since the water bath does not have the same temperature as the same bath or sauna. Heating occurs as follows. In one larger saucepan you need to pour water, from above put a smaller pan, but so that it does not touch the bottom of the first. The container with honey is placed in the second container and melted until the consistency becomes liquid. After applying this method, it is recommended to eat honey in the near future, if you do not want to see the crystallites of sugar again.

Honey quickly sugared

How to accelerate the process of sugar?

If you do not care about the question, why honeyquickly sugared, and you, on the contrary, are very fond of honey with sugar crystals and can not wait until recently bought honey will cover them, then we are ready to give you effective advice that will significantly speed up the process of sugaring. You will need for this already covered with sugar honey. It must be mixed with liquid. Keep the formula in one container and mix it daily. In a week you will enjoy an unforgettable taste.

Now you know why honey quickly sugared.It is up to you to decide whether to use it in such a state or to bring it into the original by heating. After all, he does not lose useful properties, taste and aroma even in the crystallized state. A rapid sugaring indicates its naturalness and high glucose content, which is absolutely normal for honey.

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