Glaze for cake and gingerbread

Very many mistresses are wondering howprepare the glaze for the cake. We decided to answer all your questions about this - all the controversial moments and all the most interesting ways of cooking are gathered in this little article. There are several options for how to prepare a glaze for a cupcake.

So, the glaze for the cake with the first recipeis prepared from the following products: half a cup of sugar, 2 tablespoons of water, lemon juice - squeeze half a lemon for this, 2 eggs - we need only proteins, the fourth part of a teaspoon of salt.

First beat the whites with salt and lemon juice. Sugar is dissolved in water and heated on fire - you need to get a syrup, add hot syrup to the protein mixture, whisk another 3 minutes. After the cupcakes are ready, you need to spread them glaze. After 2 hours after this cupcakes can be eaten - glaze will have time to freeze by this time.

In order to make the cake glaze overthe second recipe, you will need the following products: half a glass of powdered sugar and 1 protein. The glaze turns white. Whisk the protein. Gradually introduce sugar. It freezes the icing after an hour after you spread it on the cake.

If you decide to make a colored glaze forcake, then the third recipe will come in handy! It is quite tasty and easy to prepare. You need half a glass of warm water, a half kilogram of powdered sugar, a dye.

Sugar powder is better to sift, then pour inpowder the water, begin to heat on a small fire, stirring constantly. The syrup will turn out. Remove the syrup from the fire, add the dye, stir it and apply the colored glaze to the cupcakes.

Glaze for the cake on the fourth recipe is preparedof such ingredients: 1 tablespoon of water, 100 grams of sugar, 50 grams of butter. Cook the syrup of sugar and water, then melt the butter on a steam bath and add it to the syrup. Stir thoroughly, then pour the cake with this mixture.

A strawberry glaze for a cake is done this way: mixing 3 tablespoons of strawberry juice and 200 grams of powdered sugar, mixed, heated on a small fire until thick.

Pleasantly complement the taste of your culinary masterpiecechocolate glaze for a cake. The easiest and quickest way to prepare it is: melt the tiles of dark chocolate a couple of times, add the melted butter and mix the ingredients together. Put on the muffins, and for freezing place them in the refrigerator.

For those who are not looking for easy ways, we offeranother recipe for chocolate glaze: 100 grams of sugar or sugar powder, 5 tablespoons of cocoa powder, 100 grams of sour cream or cream, 100 grams of butter. Melt butter, pour sugar, cocoa into it, add sour cream to the mixture. Stir, cook on low heat. Bring to a boil, cool.

And this recipe is useful to you, if you decidebake gingerbread. Agree, because it is the glaze and is the highlight of this dish. In addition, many like the icing for gingerbread, which they buy in the store. And everything cooked by yourself, as a rule, is several times more delicious than bought, so you should try to prepare this dish. So, when the gingerbread cookies are ready, it remains only to make the glaze. Especially for you we have prepared two options: white icing and chocolate icing.

White glaze is made as follows: 1 protein is beaten with 100 grams of powdered sugar, brought to a boil, cooled and applied to the flour product.

In order to make chocolate icing, melt the chocolate bar and mix it with butter and 20% cream. The oil is enough and 1 tablespoon, and the cream is 100 grams.

By the way, these glaze recipes can be used not only to anoint cupcakes and gingerbread. This glaze can serve as an ornament for both cakes and cakes.

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