Whiskey "Blue Label": history of creation, price. How to distinguish the original from forgery

Whiskey is a gentleman's drink, especially popularwas in the 20-ies of the last century among the criminal communities. The most famous brand, which produces this drink since the 19th century, is "Johnny Walker," named after its founder, John Walker. The famous blended whiskey "Blue Label", as well as the "Red Label" and "Black Label" are sold all over the world; Its popularity is due to the special technology of preparation and the quality of alcoholic raw materials.

Whiskey Blue Label


John Walker is a young and adventurous heirgrocery business - was engaged in blending different types of tea. Despite such a young age (the guy barely reached the age of fifteen), Johnny already had a thriving grocery store. In 1836 at the helm of the profitable business stands one of the sons of Walker Alexander - no less gifted and resourceful person. It was he who initiated the production of blended single malt whiskey, produced under the brand name Old Highland and soon gained popularity. The first released batch of alcohol is dated 1867, 10 years after the death of John Walker.

39 years later, in 1908, the grandchildren of Johnnycontinued their father's business, patented the original name Johnnie Walker, and thereby made the company "Johnny Walker and Sons" known throughout the world. In 1909, the brothers Walkers Alexander Jr. and George changed the name of their already popular, alcoholic drinks: Johnny Walker Very Special Old Highland Whiskey and Extra Special Old Highland Whiskey. Instead, whiskeys appeared under the brand Red Label and Black Label, and later the company began to produce other varieties of strong drink: whiskey "Blue Label", "Green Label", "Gold Label". Since 1997, and to date, the parent company engaged in the production of delicious Scottish spirits, is Diageo.

Whiskey Blue Label price

The most expensive products from "Johnny Walker"

According to statistics, alcohol from the knownproducer remains one of the most sought after and bought in the world. The most expensive brands are whiskey "Blue Label", the price of which is from 200 dollars, depending on exposure and capacity.

The distinctive feature of Blue Label is thatIt combines several varieties of whiskey, with exposure to half a century. Despite the high cost, the demand for this category of drinks does not fall to this day. Whiskey "Johnny Walker Blue Label" - this is elite alcohol, intended for connoisseurs.

Whiskey Blue Label 0,5

Average cost of Blue Label

At an average price of one bottle of tasty scotchaffects displacement, exposure alcohol and beverage destination - gift wrap can cost several times more expensive than usual. In the Russian shops specializing in alcohol, sells whiskey, "Blue Label", the price of which varies from 10 to 30 thousand. Rubles and more.

Whiskey Joni Walker Blue Label

With incomparable aroma

The taste, color and smell of blended whiskey withblue label is strikingly different from the taste and aroma of other drinks "Johnny Walker." Golden, honey, deep color with amber reflection is a distinctive feature of this brand's alcohol. Whiskey "Blue Label" has a tart, rich flavor of sherry and cedar with light notes of smoke. The aftertaste of bitter, dark chocolate and oak makes the drink original, and its taste is indescribable and unrepeatable. The aftertaste is long-lasting, unobtrusive giving off a mist of wood.


Blue Label is made of 35 ingredients,previously aged in oak barrels for three years. Blended beverage is made exclusively from whiskeys with an exposure of at least 25 years. Many experts believe that the alcohol brand "Johnny Walker Blue Label" - this is a real, classic Scotch whiskey, with its inherent hue, smell and taste.

The finished product is poured into special glass bottles with the image of a coat of arms or a walking person, and then clogged with a stopper.

It is worth noting that a drink from Scotland is requiredits unique characteristics of local spring water. It is thanks to her that the Johnny Walker product becomes noble, because in none of the countries has any of the famous alcohol producers been able to produce an identical product to taste and other qualities.

Original and fake. How not to become a victim of scammers

Popular types of alcohol, extra- and premium-classare subject to counterfeiting - this is not bypassed and an elite Scottish drink. In general, non-original alcohol contains harmless food additives and flavors, thanks to which ordinary alcohol acquires aroma, taste and color, remotely resembling whiskey to an inexperienced consumer. But it happens that to reduce the cost of production manufacturers of counterfeit resort to the use of methanol - a harmful substance that causes a person to get into the body of a severe poisoning, the consequences of which can be very sad, up to a lethal outcome. Methanol in appearance and smell is no different from ethanol, therefore its use by bootleggers in counterfeit alcohol is difficult to detect.

The original Whiskey "Blue Label", a fake of whichis common in many countries, including Russia, it is easy enough to distinguish even by external characteristics. The first thing you should pay attention to is the availability on the bottle of excise, confirming the quality of the product. However, enterprising fraudsters learned to forge and excise.

Whiskey Blue Label Counterfeit

Another important point: "Blue Label", according to the manufacturer, is produced in containers of 0.7 and 1.75 liters, and counterfeit is mainly found in the form of whiskey "Blue Label" 0.5 liters. A bottle of such "quality" alcohol is distinguished by the absence of convex letters on the label, as well as the original coat of arms or the person walking, since most bootleggers do not pay much attention to fake glass.

The cork on the original is made in gold,the neck at the bottle in the attachment point with the stopper is slightly enlarged in volume, and beneath it is a golden brush. In addition, elite alcohol is packed in a special box, and on each bottle there is an individual serial number, thanks to which you can easily determine the originality of blended whiskey.

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