How to make a delicious cereal of flour?

Porridge from flour is prepared easily and simply.Many housewives believe that such a dish can not be tasty or useful. However, they are deeply mistaken. This dish was actively used by our ancestors. It well saturates the body, gave him a lot of strength and energy.

cereal of flour

What is the name of the porridge of flour?

Only a small number of culinary specialists know exactly how such a dish is prepared. Even fewer people know what it's called.

Porridge from flour is an ancient Armenian dish,which is prepared with the usual wheat flour, butter, sugar, salt, milk or water. The name of this dish sounds like "havits". It is good to do it when you do not have suitable cereals to make a delicious dish.

Porridge from flour has a high energy value, and because of this and is served for breakfast.

Step-by-Step Recipe

Surely you guessed that there is nothing difficult in preparing this Armenian dish. To quickly and easily implement the presented recipe, we need:

  • wheat flour dark or light - about 250 g (by the number of family members);
  • butter - to your liking (about 2 large spoons);
  • sugar, table salt - to taste;
  • water or cow milk - at your discretion.

Cooking process

Porridge from flour, the name of which was presented above, is prepared in a matter of minutes. Therefore, you can do this breakfast every morning to your family members.

For the preparation of wheat porridge we will need a Teflon or cast-iron frying pan. It is thoroughly washed and dried, and then put on medium heat.

what is the name of the porridge of flour

As soon as the dishes warm up, immediatelythey pour out the wheat flour. The amount of this ingredient, as well as other components, should be selected based on the number of people for whom you are preparing breakfast.

Thus, having laid out wheat flour infrying pan, it is carefully fried over low heat. In this case, the product is regularly stirred with a large spoon, so that it does not burn out, but evenly browns. If flour is converted to lumps, they should be crushed.

As soon as the wheat product darkens, to itspread a piece of butter and continue to fry, without removing the frying pan from the stove. After absorbing all the cooking oil, milk is poured into the dishes with a trickle (or ordinary water) and sugar and salt are added to taste.

Thoroughly mixing the components, they boil for about 5-8 minutes. During this time, the porridge of flour should thicken and become quite viscous.

How to serve for breakfast?

As you see, in the preparation of thedishes are not anything complicated. If you cook it for young children, then you can additionally add any berries or pieces of fruit. However, this should be done after the porridge is removed from the plate. This will allow you to keep in the added components all their useful properties, vitamins and minerals.

porridge of flour

Serve porridge, cooked from wheat flour,to the family breakfast should be in a still warm state. It is laid out on plates and flavored with a small piece of butter. To eat such a dish is desirable with a sandwich of white bread and a slice of hard cheese.

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