How to cook pasta

Macaroni - this is the most popular product in allworld. And if you count the dishes, in the preparation of which use pasta, you will get a pretty impressive figure. How correctly to cook pasta? You can say that nothing is easier. However, even in this simple matter, there are some subtleties that make ordinary pasta even more appetizing.

Macaroni appeared in the men's menu a fewcenturies ago. In Russia, this product was imported by Italians, who built vessels in our country during the time of Peter I. The benefits from the production of pasta was tangible and, therefore, their production was established everywhere.

The biggest fans of this product are Italians- They say that it is not difficult to cook pasta, but not just to cook them deliciously. How to cook delicious pasta is known to true cooks, who adhere to some rules when preparing them.

One of the tips on how to properlycook macaroni - you need to take the necessary proportion of pasta and water. For every 100 grams of product, one liter of liquid should be taken. Only in this case the pasta is cooked quickly and does not stick together.

Utensils for cooking, too, plays an important role. It's better if you take a large pan with thick walls. Do not pour water to the very edges of the container. Even with pasta, it should not be complete.

Water in a saucepan should be salted at the time of it.boiling. It is very important to do this before the pasta is dropped into it. They should be cooked already in salt water. For each liter of liquid you need to take about 10 grams of salt. But after salt water, it is better to taste it.

There is one more important rule. Do not dip the pasta in water until it boils. Otherwise, they can stick together, and then the dish will be spoiled.

Famous culinary experts recommend not to leavekitchens in the process of cooking. Macaroni should be stirred from time to time, preferably a wooden spoon. The water in the pan should boil for as long as the pasta is boiled. For this, after they have been lowered into the water, it is necessary to cover the pan with a lid to restore the boiling. Then remove the cover.

To find out how many minutes to cook macaroni,it is necessary to read this information on the packaging. You can not specify a specific time. It depends on the quality of the pasta and the process itself. Therefore, following the recommendations of the manufacturer on how to properly cook pasta, you need two or three minutes before the end to take a sample. If the pasta is soft and when tasting does not leave a taste of flour, then safely turn off the fire and cover the pan with a lid. After three minutes, you can drain the liquid using a colander for this. If you plan to make a sauce, then leave a glass or less glass of broth, which was cooked pasta.

Good quality macaroni do not requireadditional washing with water. But most importantly, never use cold water to rinse pasta. This is detrimental to their nutritional value and structure.

When cooking spaghetti, the technology does notchanges. This kind of pasta should not be broken. Put them in a pot of boiling water and after a while they will sink into it completely. Next, do not forget to constantly stir pasta so that they do not stick together.

Serving dishes from pasta is necessary with a heat with a heat.Therefore, sauces must be prepared beforehand. When you salt the pasta with water, add butter and some broth in which they were brewed.

Knowing how to properly cook macaroni, you cancreate a lot of delicious and original dishes. Pasta is perfectly combined with vegetables, cheese, meat. They may well become a separate dish, if you prepare a sauce for them.

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