We make ourselves unique bouquets of chocolates with our own hands as a gift

Beautiful original bouquets of sweetshands - an effective holiday attribute. It serves as a unique gift for loved ones, pleases with its composition and originality of performance, especially if it is made independently and consists of sweets. Perform such a composition can not only adults, but also children. Manufacturing of bouquets from sweets will not cause big financial losses. It is economical, not costly, simple and fun to perform. Bouquets of sweets with their own hands, can make a stunning impression of its originality and composition. Such a bouquet can be a wonderful gift to any holiday, it is only necessary to supplement the composition with the appropriate attributes.

Making bouquets of sweets starts with ideas. Knowing about what role and in what celebration will be given to our gift, we will come up with an original performance. How to make a bouquet of sweets by yourself? We begin to implement the idea of ​​making individual, beautiful and sweet flowers.

What do we need for creativity?

Make bouquets of chocolates with your own handsbegin with the preparation of the necessary components. We need: candy, wrapping tape, packing glossy material (all kinds of films of different colors, cellophane), one-sided and two-sided non-wide adhesive tape, tapes, barbecue sticks and toothpicks, floristic foam that can be replaced with foam rubber or foam and any capacity for the bouquet itself, which can be performed by any vase, clay pot or simple pot. What is really necessary for making sweet bouquets is patience, accuracy and rich imagination. We are moving on to technology.

We turn to the technology of making flowers.

You can decorate a candy in the form of a flower in various ways, depending on the flight of fantasy. Let's consider only some variants:

  1. Delicacy on the cut.

We connect the tail from the wrapper of our candy withand cut it on a stick. Then fix the winding with a tap-tape to the middle of the handle as follows: the stem is clamped at the base of the candy between the fingers in the left hand at the same time as the tip of the tape tape. With your right hand, we begin to rotate the shank, winding a ribbon on it, with the thumb of your left hand adjust the tension. Remember that the next turn of the tape should overlap the previous one. As a result, we received the first flower of our sweet bouquet.

  1. Delicacy in the cone.

We curl up the bag of wrapping paper, put it ina candy, and with free corners, let's wrap the shank and fix the resulting flower at the base of the candy with a tap-tape, as it was described earlier. It is important to make the bag quite roomy, so that it can fully fit the candy, and the remaining edges would be sufficient for winding on the stalk.

  1. A treat in the cylinder.

Cut out the rectangle from the wrapping paper andgive it the shape of a cylinder. We place in the center of the received cylinder our sweet stuffing. On the one hand, we put a shank to it, and wrap the edges of the paper around it and fix the result with a tape tape. On the other side of the cylinder, the paper will become a packing tape so that the candy is snug against the cuttings, and we will perform the bow.

You can and need to complement the collection of colors fromcandy leaves and flowers made of corrugated, colored paper. The technology of execution is simple: we cut out the petals and fix them on the cuttings, giving the shape of a flower.

You can decorate bouquets of chocolates with your own hands.differently. You can beautifully arrange the flowers by sticking a free part of the cuttings into a prepared container with foam, decorating, for greater effect, the resulting composition with beautiful bows and additional accessories. You can make a bouquet by placing it in wrapping paper or mica for bouquets, pulling it from below with bright packing bows and ribbons. There are a lot of options for design, you should only give freedom for the flight of your imagination. This article gave briefly revealed the basics of how to make a bouquet of chocolates for an original and beautiful congratulation.

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