November. Sign of the Zodiac Scorpio and Sagittarius

What is the sign of the zodiac in November? This month Scorpio reigns (until the 22nd) and Sagittarius. The most interesting thing is that these signs are very different. They have different inclinations, temperament, character. Let's consider each of them separately.

November. Sign of the zodiac Scorpio and Sagittarius as a child

Scorpio. This sign has always been considered the strongest. People born in the period October 24 - November 22, have exceptional vitality and willpower. And these features are manifested from a very young age. Parents of little scorpions do not envy. The activity of these children is amazing! Constantly in motion, adore noisy games, big companies. Teachers and teachers complain about them. Purposeful children, always try to take leading positions, constantly insist on their own, at any cost achieve the intended. They can make hysterics, fight with their parents. It's very difficult to cope with them.

Sagittarius. The children of this sign have two passions - sports and animals. They are very sincere and charming guys. Strongly talkative, can engage in any conversations. From a young age have a great sense of humor. But they do not like to dream, they prefer to be satisfied with what is at the moment. Usually they like school and successfully study, but sometimes there is not enough perseverance and diligence. They do not tolerate restrictions at all, it's hard for them to sit at a desk and do monotonous work. Sagittarians love freedom. What is most interesting, since childhood are interested in religion.

November. Sign of the zodiac Scorpio and Sagittarius. Astromedicine

Scorpio. Protect the groin and spine. Not too interested in their own health, sometimes even completely irresponsible to him. Having become ill, he can refuse to take medicine, believing that he will manage everything. Yes, and do not strongly trust the doctrines, more often avoid surveys and self-medication. Scorpio's body is usually strong, the bone is wide. Resistance to diseases is very high, they are patient and enduring. Among the people born under this sign are often long-livers.

November. The Zodiac Sagittarius. Vulnerabilities - hips and joints. But they, on the contrary, take care of their health. They go in for sports, refuse bad habits. They are athletic and developed people, who do not lose their status with age. They are calm, balanced, they tend to work hard, sometimes even to exhaustion.

November. Sign of the zodiac Scorpio. Love and temperament

Dynamic, domineering, but people are drawn to it, hehas charisma. In the choice of a partner is rarely mistaken, in a relationship as if revealed, can be gentle and sensitive. Hates lies and insincerity, this leads to fury. If the partner changes, the consequences can be deplorable.

Women-Scorpions are passionate and totally committed to relationships, ready to make sacrifices for the sake of a partner.

Men-Scorpios love the family, but a complex character does not exclude the manifestation of despotism.

These people are terrible owners and jealous. Do not forgive adultery, they get angry even from a small flirtation partner, and in a rage can be scary.

November. Sign of the zodiac Sagittarius. Love and temperament

Very often Sagittarians marry fairlylate or at all remain bachelors. Less than others need romance and romance. They can not be called proprietors, they are not at all jealous.

A Sagittarius woman may be unfaithful. But, on the other hand, she is an excellent hostess, a wonderful friend and companion. Only here it is vital to freedom.

Sagittarius man is a real workaholic, constantlyis delayed at work. Looking for a woman who shares his interests and is ready to give him freedom. He does not tolerate criticism, he hates profanity, he makes high demands on his wife.

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