What does the sign say: what burns the left ear

People's predictors can explain anyan event in terms of accumulated wisdom. The person is burning - they will explain, the hiccough has begun - they will be explained. Almost every event is accompanied by a sign. To what the left ear burns? And this is no accident, as they say

the sign to which the left ear burns
popular sages.

Sign: why the left ear burns

That's what lovers of interpretations explain.If your left ear is burning, then you have become the object of discussion. Why not the right? Yes, in this case, the people have another sign. But the left is a blatant lie, which is precisely at this moment that the personalities that you know are discussing. They are so willing to wash your bones, that you "catch" it at the field level. It only seems that a person is not able to receive information from field structures. In fact, esotericists, and behind them, scientists began to accumulate facts that say that our abilities are not so simple and studied as we thought before. Official science is cautious and does not recognize that signs have a physical basis. But with the fact that people communicate at the field level, no one disputes. So it turns out that a person feels that they are discussing him, that is why his left ear burns. Signs of different peoples here converge. No one else explains this "left excitement" of the ear in any other way. All are unambiguous in their interpretation. The sign "to which the left ear burns" is one:

the left ear is burning with omens
you object impartial gossip. What in this situation do? Yes, just laugh at the windbag!

And if the face and ears burn?

The sign is this: you are being scolded for what the world stands for.An explanation of this fact is also possible on the basis of the energy-information theory. If the face is flushed with the auricles, then you just feel how the discontent of a certain person is directed to your address. Since the thought flies instantly, it also gets your brain information at a time when it is released into the world. The mechanisms that allow this information to enter into your consciousness, it does not. Not everyone has clairvoyance or feeling. Therefore, the body reacts in such an original way.

The face and ears are on fire.
Medical explanations

Interestingly, but the observations of the learned men leadto the fact that any sign is correct. To what the left ear burns? Recall: you are discussed. The face burns - they scold you. And what happens when a person is ashamed? Correctly, its skin reacts with redness and increased blood flow. It turns out that, without realizing it, we feel ashamed when an unknown person at the moment is dissatisfied with our actions. That is, we are able to perceive the emotions of a person who is far away, which we did not think about, perhaps we forgot about his existence! It turns out that our brain not only feels it, but also reacts to its thoughts! Physicians, of course, are more cautious in their wording. They only revealed a mechanism that causes the blood to flow to the ears. Responsible for it is increased brain activity. And why are convolutions suddenly starting to work quickly? Scientists have no answers to this. Esoterics are explained in more detail here.

The explanation, of course, is controversial.Only, as the people say, it is a sure sign. If the ear burns, then you wash the stones. Cheeks glow and scold. The right ear flared up - you are praised. How else to explain this is unknown!

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