The meaning of Nickname

From what people will be called, sometimes it does notonly his character, but also fate. In order to be easier to communicate with people, it is useful to know some secrets. In this article, we will consider the meaning of Nick's name, as well as the abilities and behavior of its owner. You will learn how the girl relates to creating a family. It will be interesting to get acquainted with her astrological signs and compatibility for a successful marriage.

Origin of the name Nick

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The meaning of the name is related to the Greek word,similar to the Latin Victoria it means "victory". It was Nika who called the Greeks the goddess of victory, which was for them the personification of success and luck in any business. In ancient mythology it was believed that this goddess helped warriors win battles. She also protected them from serious wounds and saved her life.

The meaning of the name Nick for the character of the possessor

The girl is very impressionable, she is beautifula fantasy is developed. She is able to feel every moment of life with great emotions, which she will learn to control only in adulthood. Sometimes she can slukavit so that she then begins to believe in her own inventions. She has a well-developed intellect, analytical skills and intuition. Nika is able to anticipate events that often happen. Therefore, the girl is interested in mysticism: divination, magic.

Currently, parents often choose a namefor the girl Nick. They need to know that she becomes very self-confident and behaves with dignity. Its rather mild optimistic character is filled with self-esteem. In the life of Nicky, there are always interesting events, because she quickly departs from boredom, finding a way out of everyday routine. She is not at all vindictive, and if she quarrels with one of her acquaintances or friends, she is ready to reconcile the next day, but only if the insult did not bring her any damage and did not strike her self-esteem. Nick likes people who know how to joke.

The meaning of Nick's name for professional activity and marriage

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Usually the girl does not aspire to reach the topcareer, and work is also not very enthusiastic. Despite this, she can become a good writer. Thanks to the emotional nature and rich imagination, she will make a wonderful actress.

Nick easily falls in love with a man, often finding inhe has those character traits that he does not have. When others try to open her eyes, all the advice and opinions the girl ignores. Making sure of their correctness on their own, it breaks the relationship. Much depends also on when the owner of this proud name was born.

Nika, born in the summer, shows a specialattentiveness. She takes very seriously new relationships and marriage. Maybe he can find his soul mate for a long time, for fear of making a mistake in his choice. She is completely the opposite of a girl who was born in the winter: she plays a wedding too early.

name for girl nik

The mystical meaning of the name

Nika is the name patronized by the Moon. It is recommended for:

  • stone-amulet-sapphire;
  • color - blue;
  • plant-amulet - pansies and cornflowers;
  • animal-amulet - doe and duck;
  • auspicious day is Monday.

Creating a family will be more prosperous with Fedot and Vitali. Less successful marriage with Zinovy ​​and Emelian.

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