Aries-girls: a characteristic

If your company has a clockwork, active,hot-tempered and yet naive girl, you can not doubt that her zodiac sign is Aries. Such persons are under the protection of the warlike planet Mars.

rams girls
Aries-girls, as a rule, are strong and wellare stacked. Their eyes are piercing. Their character is more masculine in view of the availability of such qualities and qualities as aggressiveness, fearlessness, haste and will. In addition, they are self-interested, initiative. Of the negative moments, one can single out ruthlessness and unceremoniousness. Let's get acquainted with these charming representatives of the sign of Aries closer.

For decades

Aries-girls, born in the first third of the period,related to this sign of the Zodiac, are under the double influence of Mars. They can be described as brave, resolute, active personalities. In love they are expressive and passionate. These girls are very authoritative, fierce and brave. In all their manifestations, they reach the extreme: if you love, then to insanity, if you hate, then to death. These are very passionate natures, prone to self-sacrifice and fervor.

Aries-girls, who were born in the second decade, are under the influence of the Sun. They are distinguished by nobility, pride, ambition.

Girl Aries Compatibility
Such individuals are quite easily attached tofavorite people. They are very beautiful and attractive. Can be cruel and tender at the same time. Unfortunately, such girls often waste their energy in vain. They like to play sports, are fond of creativity.

Aries-girls who celebrate their birthdays inthe third decade of this period, are influenced by Venus. Such natures are characterized by tenderness and passion, impulsiveness and love of art. They have excessive temperament, enthusiasm and generosity. They are all striving for the ideal, they have amazingly developed intuition and imagination.


girl zodiac sign Aries

Without love, no girl-Aries thinks herself.Compatibility plays a major role in the development of relations. Up to 30 years, the most suitable partners for these ladies are their like-minded people. These are guys born under the signs of Leo and Sagittarius. After this age limit, when Aries girls become more practical and less self-centered, Taurus and Virgo are ideal partners for them. After 40 years, the most suitable for the relationship with them people will be representatives of Libra and Gemini.


Let's see what kind of girl this love will be.The zodiac sign Aries endowed her with passion and sexuality. She chooses the right man for herself, and then conquers it by any means: either tenderness or pressure. Such girls always act aggressively and wish to be winners. They want to be ideal for their loved ones and climb out of the skin to show all their dignity. As a rule, such girls do not aspire to marriage and motherhood. For them, personal interests are above all. They need a fan who will endow them with compliments and gifts, and will also be a skillful lover.

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