Sign: the butterfly flew into the apartment. Is this event good?

People used to attach great importance to signs. Many of them have survived in our society to this day. For example, this: a butterfly flew into the apartment - then it is necessary to release it immediately, otherwise there will be a misfortune. At first glance, such a statement seems strange. After all, butterflies are wonderful and lovely creatures that you can admire for an infinitely long time. What other folk beliefs are associated with this marvelous insect? We will discuss this below.

the butterfly flings into the apartment

Sign: the butterfly flew into the apartment. History

You undoubtedly noticed with what ease andgracefully this beauty flutters in space, silently and cautiously. In antiquity, and to this day, it was believed that this insect is closely related to the other world. According to the beliefs, the butterfly is nothing but the soul of a deceased person who decided to visit our sinful land. That's why there was such a bad omen. Butterfly flew into the apartment, and therefore, this deceased visited the house. And it is not necessary that this is a relative of the inhabitants of this place.

a butterfly flashed into the apartment
What should I do if a butterfly flies into the apartment?

The suggestion also contains a suggestion thatto take in such a situation. In order to neutralize the negative impact of this event, you need to release an insect. Do this carefully, so as not to cause the butterfly physical pain or not to kill it, because in this way you will deprive the life of a person's soul.

Sign: the butterfly flew into the apartment. Alternative options

There is also a judgment that if yourthe house was visited by this bright beauty, it is to good. In accordance with this option, it is considered that this event is a good sign. A butterfly flew into the room, which meant that she brought happiness, love and prosperity. It would be desirable to catch an insect anyway. In this case, you are given the opportunity to make a wish by holding a messenger of joy. After that it is recommended to release the butterfly to freedom, to nature, so that it can bring happiness to other people.

Sign: the butterfly flew into the apartment. Beliefs of different nations of the world

a butterfly flashed into the room
People in almost all countries of our planetbelong to this insect positively, believing that such a beautiful creature can not cause a person any harm. So, in Japan the butterfly symbolizes all the best that only can be in human life. To see her is a good sign. Good attitude to the butterfly and the Buddhists, because their prophet turned to this beautiful woman with a sermon. But the attitude to this insect as a messenger of the other world also has ancient roots. Thus, the ancient Greek language calls butterfly and soul in one word - "psyche". The same symbolism is also found on Christian icons depicting Jesus Christ. Often the butterfly is depicted sitting on the palm of the Child-Savior. In this case, it is the prototype of the resurrection and rebirth of the soul. It should be noted that only those signs in which a person believes are realized. Therefore, if a butterfly has flown into your apartment, it depends on you how this event will affect your life and whether it will affect at all.

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