Black mulberry, or mulberry

Black mulberry
Black mulberry (Morus nigra) most oftenoccurs in Transcaucasia, especially in Armenia, Iran and Afghanistan. This tree, reaching a height of up to twenty meters, has a wide-spread crown with branches of brownish-brown color and large, up to ten centimeters, wide-ovoid leaves. The fruits of it are large, violet or dark red with a sweetish sour taste. This tree has a very powerful root system.

In culture, the plant is known for more than threemillennia. People bred it not only for the sake of delicious fruits, but also for the sake of leaves, which are the main food for silkworms. In total, there are a dozen species.

Mulberry Black Baroness
Mulberry black (photo - in the article)drought-resistant and photophilic. It is not at all demanding on the composition of the soil, but it grows best on well-drained fertile soil. The fruit of this plant begins after planting for the fifth year. It can be accelerated with vaccinations. A ten-year-old black mulberry can give up to a hundred kilograms of fruit, which ripen gradually, crumbling as it ripens. They can be consumed both fresh, and in compotes, juices and jams.

Due to its heat resistance and ability to goodtransfer pruning mulberry is often used for gardening. In addition, it tolerates short-term frosts, quickly recovering during the growing season.

Mulberry black photo

In the East, black mulberry is considered sacredplant. Under its crown is usually set a large dining table, beyond which the whole family gathers. Amulets from her wood are considered traditional amulets for Arab women. In Narodnaya Garabagh, where sweet bread is baked from the mash of fruits, this plant is called "king-berry". Black mulberry is considered to be the "tree of life", possessing magic power. In mythology, it symbolizes respect for parents and diligence.

The people of Armenia, having centuries-old traditions ingardening and possessing great experience in winemaking, was the first to appreciate the vivifying qualities of nectar made from mulberry berries. They say that he was appreciated by Macedonian, who was treated with wine during the campaign to Persia.

Mulberry Fruit

The fact that some varieties of this plant, inIn particular, the "black baroness" mulberry, considered to be the best, is used in the manufacture of silk, many Chinese legends tell. They say that Princess Lee, who was resting under a huge mulberry tree, noticed how the cocoon that had fallen into her hot tea began to blossom with iridescent shiny threads. This is how the secret of the worm-silkworm - the source of raw materials, from which expensive silk is made - was discovered in the Middle Kingdom.

The fruits of mulberry are not only suitable forprocessing. They can be dried, stored for a long time as a substitute for sugar, which they contain very much. Due to the increased iron content, berries are very useful for ulcers, anemia, heartburn, dysentery, etc. In addition, they lower the pressure, normalizing the metabolism. Many healers use them in the treatment of the spleen and liver. The bark of a mulberry is known for its wound-healing effect. A tincture of her leaves is also useful.

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