Sambury - a berry the size of a cherry

Most recently in our front gardens appearedexotic, little-known berry called samberi. It is often confused with blueberries, paying attention to some external similarity. But in fact she is a close relative of tomatoes, sweet pepper, physalis and potatoes. Sambery is a berry belonging to the family of nightshade. Her medicinal and dietary properties are now appreciated in Russia.

samberi berry
This species was brought out by a well-known breeder back in the beginning20th century. Crossed two different wild nightshade, he received the expected result - unpretentious, large-fruited, green giant. Brushes with berries of 10 pieces in each gracefully hang from the tetrahedral stem. He called his offspring a sunny berry. Blossoms and matures Sambury constantly until the end of autumn. You can eat it only completely ripe.

Having received high yield from the ancestors,unpretentiousness in cultivation, unusual taste, samberi - "berry Soltsna" - gradually began to conquer space in the post-Soviet garden plots. Fruits the size of a large cherry, similar to small tomatoes, are used by the hostesses to prepare jams, jams or toppings for baked pies. Yagoda Samberi (photo from above) is successfully harvested for the winter. Before canning, to get rid of the aftertaste inherent in Solanaceae, you should scald it and let it settle for about 5 minutes.

samberi berry how to grow

Many gardeners, although they learned that there wasthe most delicious samberi (berry), how to grow it yet do not know. There are also few specialists who are familiar with the proper care of her. It is known that a seedling method of cultivation is used. Sowing is produced in the prepared land from February to April. When a stable heat comes, it is planted in an open ground at a distance of 70 cm from each other. This cultured nightshade reaches 1.5 meters in height. Nitrogen fertilizers are limited. Ripening brushes press the plant to the ground. It is necessary to prevent fruit from contacting the soil. To do this, it is enough to lay boards or cover up the dead with straw, humus, last year's sawdust. You can tie the stepson to the support, just like the tomatoes.

Ripen fruit gradually, like in tomatoes. The harvest is cleaned until the fall. In total, the bush is about a bucket.

Sambury is a berry that is tolerant of the firstfrosts. When they attack, one should not give more to the plant to blossom and tie fruit. This accelerates the maturation process of the already existing crop. It is worthwhile to carry out such manipulations beginning in September.

berry samburi photo

If whole Samberi bushes are ripped off before the onsetfrost and store indoors at about 20 ° C in a suspended state, you can eat fruits for a very long time. Gradually ripening for several months, they will please their unusual taste.

Sambury - a berry that can be eaten in large quantities, is not at all poisonous, although it belongs to the family of nightshade.

Since the plant is annual, the seed materialwill have to be harvested every year. It is better to take it from the first hands, which are the largest and most prolific. This is a guarantee that the next season will please a plentiful harvest.

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