Effective anti-cellulite massage at home

For all women, fighting cellulite is a matter of honor. They spend on it not only huge money, but also whole years. This time is usually held in the salons, where the strong hands of the masseuse try to bring back into the form of long buttocks and hips eaten by the evenings. After several thousand spent on these activities, a woman begins to think about how to make anti-cellulite massage at home, which will not become such a burden for her purse.

Do not underestimate the homestruggle for a beautiful figure. Some activities are very effective, but they cost a penny. The result from them can exceed salon executions several times. Before you start to massage the problem areas, you need to cleanse your skin and preferably use a scrub. Many cosmeticians advise for this to use ordinary ground coffee, which perfectly removes dead cells, moisturizes and creates the effect of micromassage. For anti-cellulite massage you need to use either essential oils, or special oil compositions, which can be purchased both in the pharmacy and in any cosmetic store.

The most popular is the honey anti-cellulitemassage at home, which is held every other day. His course is designed for 15 procedures, and if they endure to the end, the result will pleasantly surprise even the most demanding person.

The essence of this massage is thatmix a few drops of orange oil and honey. Then this mixture is rubbed in the hands, then the palm is applied by its entire surface to the massaged area of ​​the skin and sharply breaks away from it. Such patches should be carried out for 15 minutes without stopping. On the skin will be visible white coating. These are toxins that leave the body. Such anti-cellulite massage at home helps to break down subcutaneous fat. As a rule, after it there will be small bruises in the form of blue dots or small dashes. This side effect will take place within a week after the end of the massage course, so it is recommended to perform it in the cold season.

Another popular method to combat cellulitebecame massage with vacuum banks. You can buy them at every pharmacy for a very modest price. They also need orange or grapefruit oil. Such anti-cellulite massage at home is performed every other day for a month, and then repeated as necessary. On clean, dry skin, massage oil is applied. On this surface in different directions you need to drive banks. They will use the vacuum to suck in the skin and destroy the subcutaneous fat. After that, bruises can also appear, which quickly pass.

It is worth noting that anti-cellulite massage inat home, as in the salon is often associated with the appearance of bruising and painful procedures. To be frightened of it it is not necessary, as during this moment there is a strong influence on hypodermic fat which it is necessary to endure simply. On how to do anti-cellulite massage at home, written a lot of different literature. The main thing here is to be patient and do all the routines regularly. The use of massage from case to case will not have any effect.

The first results will be visible after 10 days. The skin will be smoothed out, will become elastic, and the dimples will be less noticeable. The effectiveness of massage is also influenced by nutrition during this period and physical activity. Only by massaging the problematic parts of the body it will be impossible to correct the figure, so the solution to this problem needs to be approached in a comprehensive manner. Massage gives amazing results only if it is performed correctly, and its sessions are held regularly.

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