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In the Russian market, radiators from the ItalianGlobal Radiatori companies are very popular due to their high quality and large assortment. The products of this manufacturer are designed taking into account the specifics of domestic heating systems. The most demanded are the aluminum sections Global Vox and bimetallic "Global-Style" (these radiators are very popular today).


Types of radiators

Heating radiators "Global" are produced in three varieties:

  • bimetallic;
  • aluminum;
  • extrusion.

All types of products have their own characteristics, technical characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, which will be considered in more detail in the article.

Bimetal radiators

Reliable, upscale radiatorsbimetallic "Global" are the standard of quality. They are made of strong and durable materials. The products of the Style range are the best radiators for heating. In them, the part that comes into contact directly with water is made of steel, and the outer one is made of aluminum.

Bimetallic radiators are designed "Global"for work in systems with high operating pressure (up to 35 atmospheres) and can be installed in both central and autonomous heating systems. The most important advantage of this series is the thermostat, which is installed in the structure. It contributes to the almost instantaneous provision of a comfortable indoor air temperature. Bimetal radiators, whose price is about 850-900 rubles per section, are resistant to aggressive environment and corrosion, and also have a high thermal conductivity. They have a double coloration with heat-resistant compositions, which ensures their resistance to mechanical damage.

aluminum radiators

Features of bimetallic radiators "Style 500" and "Style Plus"

Bimetallic radiator 500 "Global" (series"Style") is made in a classical style. It has a flat top, a height of 57.5 cm, a depth of 8 cm, a center distance of 50 cm, and a weight of 1.97 kg. The heat transfer of such a section is 168 W. This heating element can be used with various types of pipes (metal-plastic, copper, polypropylene). There is a radiator "Global-Style" 500 from individual parts. Sectional assembly system with the help of nipples allows to increase the number of sections or to reduce it.

The "Global-Style Plus" radiator has a collectorsimple forms without pockets, in which the formation of air plugs is excluded. The tubes between them are installed in large sizes, which makes it possible to work with contaminated coolants. The design of the model allows to increase the thermal power due to the upper air chamber. Heating elements of the brand "Style Plus" are produced with parameters of the center distance of 350 and 500 mm. On these bimetallic radiators the price is approximately 10 100-10 200 rubles for 12 sections.

radiators bimetallic global

Advantages of bimetal radiators

Bimetal radiators from the manufacturer Global have a lot of advantages.

  1. Ease of installation. The sections can be removed or added during installation.
  2. Excellent thermal conductivity. Due to aluminum, which has good thermal conductivity, the radiators have a high heat transfer coefficient. The temperature of the coolant can reach 120-135 ° C.
  3. Strength. All production in the production is tested by pressing in 52.5 atmosphere.
  4. Long service life. This indicator is provided by quality materials used in production.
  5. Resistance to mechanical damage. The outer surface of the radiators is covered with powder enamel, which protects it from scratches, scuffs.
  6. Resistant to aggressive environment. The internal part of the radiators is made of high-strength steel, which is resistant to acids.
  7. Attractive design. Resistant to fading, white color is well suited to various interiors.

To the positive qualities described above, one canAdd the fact that the radiators are adapted to Russian heating systems. All the products of the company "Global" are certified and meet the quality standards.

bimetal radiators price

Disadvantages of heating elements

In addition to the advantages, the bimetallic radiator "Global" has some disadvantages:

  • high price in comparison with aluminum sections;
  • low throughput;
  • on reliability are inferior to cast-iron radiators.

Aluminum radiators

A great popularity among consumers isaluminum radiators "Global", which have excellent Italian quality, high heat dissipation and efficiency. Their lineup consists of such series: Iseo R350 / R500, Vox R350 / R500, Klass R350 / R500.

Iseo R 350 sections have dimensions of 432 x 80 x 95, andIseo R 500 - 582 x 80 x 80. The temperature of the coolant in them is up to 110º C. Thanks to its design, this "Global" radiator can be installed both in niches under the windowsill and on the walls. They are well suited for interiors of residential buildings, administrative and public buildings. Installation of this model is possible in autonomous and central heating systems.

Italian cast aluminum radiatorsGlobal series Vox R350 / R350 are designed for domestic heating systems. They differ in beautiful design, have high heat output, are reliable and durable. Are made under pressure by a casting method and have the strengthened design. Painting them is carried out by way of immersion in a bath with the subsequent spraying with epoxy paint. The working pressure is 16 atmospheres, the permissible temperature of the coolant is up to 110 ºС, the pH is 6.5-8.5 units. In the Russian market there are models of the Vox R 350 section, which have dimensions of 440 x 80 x 95 cm and heat output of 145 W. Also there are sections Vox R 500, the dimensions of which are - 590 x 80 x 95 cm, and the heat dissipation is 195 W. They are designed for installation in autonomous single-tube and two-pipe heating systems.

global style radiators

Extrusion radiators

Extrusion heating radiators "Global" Oskarare designed for vertical installation. This type of production differs by the originality of the design, which consists of separate parts, connected together by sealing teflon rings and glue-sealant. Radiators have light weight and exclusive design.

The manufacturer produces types of sections that havedifferent center distances - 100, 1200, 1400, 1600, 1800 and 2000 mm. This type of radiator requires certain characteristics of water, which is a coolant. The hydrogen index should be not less than 7-8 units, and also the filtration of water from heavy elements is necessary. This model has a high heat dissipation, but is inferior to strength, which does not allow it to be used in harsh operating conditions.

radiator 500 global

Differences between bimetallic sections from aluminum radiators

Radiators differ from each other with technologyproduction and fabrication material. In addition, they have different working and maximum pressures. This indicator is important when installing sections in multi-storey buildings with central heating, where there is an increased pressure in the pipeline system. In aluminum radiators, one metal is fully used, and in bimetallic inside, high-quality steel is used, and aluminum is outside. It is very important to consider that the aluminum radiator is not suitable for installation if the heating system consists of copper pipes or the boiler has a copper heat exchanger.

radiators of heating global

Features of installation and operation of aluminum radiators

Since in autonomous heating the working pressurethe coolant is low, then reliable and inexpensive aluminum radiators "Global" are good here. Their installation does not differ from the installation of bimetallic sections, but there are some recommendations from the manufacturer, which should be adhered to.

  1. Radiators consisting of ten sections or more must be connected to the system diagonally, which makes it possible to increase the efficiency of their operation by 10%.
  2. It is not recommended to install decorative elements on the front of the heating equipment. This helps reduce the heat transfer of the radiators.
  3. Heating devices that have ten or more sections should be mounted on additional brackets.
  4. The operational life of the equipment also depends on the quality of care for it. For this, before and during the heating season, the surface of the sections must be systematically cleaned of dust and dirt.
  5. Do not install on the radiators humidifiers made of porous materials. This can lead to water leakage, which will eventually damage the paintwork section of the sections.
  6. If the system is not to be used in winter, then it is necessary to drain water from it. In the summer, it is desirable that the sections are fully filled.
  7. It is not recommended to paint the surfaces of aluminum sections independently, this reduces their effectiveness.
  8. Do not use a variety of chemical additives or impurities, which artificially increase the temperature of the coolant.

Efficiency and durability of radiators"Global", first of all, depends on the indicators of the heating system. Each type of section is designed for certain parameters of working conditions, and their installation must comply with all the requirements of the manufacturer, specified in the technical passport.

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