Secrets of gardening: autumn work in the garden and vegetable garden

Autumn is the favorite time of all truck farmers andgardeners. It's time to harvest and rejoice in its quality and quantity. But this is also the period of preparation for the upcoming winter and next season. Autumn works in the garden and the garden are not reduced to a simple cleaning from the leaves and dry fallen leaves. This is a much more serious work aimed at protecting the planting from frost and insect pests. It is also the most optimal time for planting or transplanting some crops. So, it can be confidently asserted that the success of the next summer season depends on how well the fall garden works are carried out.

autumn work in the garden and vegetable garden
In September, the most important is the preparation of soil forupcoming plantings next spring. It is very important not to forget about the laws of crop rotation, therefore, since autumn it is necessary to decide where and what will grow, and to form beds. Autumn work in the garden and the garden begin after harvesting. The last vegetables and fruits should be cleaned no later than the first serious frost. When all the fruit trees and bushes completely discard the leaves and the unripe fruit, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the foliage under them. This is necessary in order to prevent the spring infection with fungal diseases, the causative agents of which survive the winter in the fall. But it is better not to discard the leaves, but fold them neatly into the hole behind the site, so that they rot. In addition, they are well used for warming perennials.

autumn work in the garden
After a thorough cleaning, you can proceedplanting winter crops. Autumn works in the garden and garden include the mandatory pruning of fruit trees. Do not forget about flowering shrubs, for example, lilacs. In general, by the end of September, you need to start the last trimming of the hedge, if any. In parallel with this, do not forget about perennial cultures. Strongly overgrown plants are thinned out. If a transplant is required, then we carry it out in a new place and not later than mid-October.

autumn work in the garden
Of course, on this autumn work in the garden and vegetable gardencan not be considered completed. An integral part of them is the digging of the earth. This process is time-consuming and takes some time. In the autumn period the main thing is not to forget to fertilize the soil with mineral and organic substances. For early vegetables, nutrients are added in early October. It is also necessary to know that during the overburden of the upper layer of the soil, nitrogen and phosphorus compounds must be introduced. This is necessary, as they slowly decompose and do poorly to the roots. Especially these fertilizers are important for crops such as carrots and beets.

In general, we can say that the autumn work in thevegetable gardens are laborious and include not one action. This is cleaning, and digging, and pruning, and landing. And all this must be done before the onset of minus temperatures and serious frosts. It is necessary to give due attention to every tree and bush, to take care of reliable shelter for perennial plants. And only in this case, with the advent of spring, life will return to the garden. The kidneys will wake up and everything will bloom.

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