How to get rid of gray hair in adolescence and adulthood

Question, how to get rid of gray hair begins to worry even young people afterdetection of the first gray hairs in their hair. They have an opinion that now the wave of aging will overwhelm their entire body. After all, many people perceive the appearance of silvery threads in their hair.

But this opinion is erroneous, since sometimes with someonea tremendous metamorphosis can occur during one night. After a strong shock literally in the morning before everyone else appears quite a young man, but with a completely white head. There are times when only a single strand is turning gray. It is clear that these changes are not due to old age.

So why do gray hair appear? Some doctors explain the process of graying in terms of physiology. Allegedly, the hair inside is hollow, and a liquid of special content circulates in the fine duct. In a stressful situation, the body emits a huge amount of adrenaline, which provokes the formation of neuropeptides. They, passing through the vessels, and fall into the duct, which is inside the hair. Breaking the chemical bonds between protein and melanin, responsible for the color of the hair, they change the whole cardinal shape.

Sometimes the graying takes place fairlya long period of time. In these cases, the physiological process occurs in the hair follicle itself - the follicle. Healthy, dyed hair begins to fall out, and already in their place there are new, but already lost their original color.

In addition to the already described instantaneous stressgraying, the appearance of the first gray hair on the head depends on the genetics of man. But in some cases, the cause may be a long illness, an avitaminosis or a viral disease. Sometimes this is caused by impaired functions of the pancreas or liver. In childhood, the onset of puberty is a very severe stress for the whole organism, which can also have a negative effect on the color of the adolescent's hair.

And if at the age of 35 - 40 years the loss of a saturatedthe bright color of the once attractive head of hair is somehow explainable, and you just need to put up with the appearance of gray hair, then the appearance at a young age of the problem of how to get rid of gray hair, quite painful.And many try simply to pull out single silvery threads in their hair. Perhaps the appearance is a bit and will improve for a short period of time, but will not this hurt? Is it possible to pull out gray hair?

The answer is unequivocal: no!Because, by removing the hair, it is very easy to disrupt its root "onion", the follicle. Naturally, the damaged root will never grow another hair, even if it is gray. And if you pull out hair regularly, you can easily achieve the effect of baldness.

It is best to approach this problem withside of the general strengthening of the body. Of course, the main condition for improving the well-being and, as a result - strengthening the hair and stopping the process of gray hair - doctors think rational and varied food. Particularly important for the condition of the hair are elements of iron and zinc, which are in sufficient quantity in fish and eggs, by-products and hard cheese. Buckwheat and oatmeal, legumes, as well as orange and red fruits possess excellent properties for strengthening and improving the scalp. If you constantly eat strawberries and pears, dried apricots and prunes, spinach and raisins, figs and pumpkin, melon and apricots, it is quite possible to hope that the question of how to get rid of gray hair for a long time will not disturb the owner of a beautiful fluffy hairdo.

If the gray hair has come from a person who35, then this is an age-related change that can be firmly called irreversible. Strengthen your hair, of course, you need at any age, but to stop the process of age-old gray hair is almost impossible. And if a woman does not like her new look, then the only way that tells how to get rid of gray hair is staining.

The market provides the most extensive assortmentcolors for both normal and gray hair. But the best way out is still to paint the gray hair with natural dyes, but somehow: infusion of chamomile, henna and basma, decoction of onion husks and other extremely useful substances.

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