Spherical mirror in the sales area: what is needed?

Spherical mirror for any modernthe sales point is an essential element of the trading floor, as showcases, shelving, POS-terminals and much more. However, the task of such a mirror is to ensure an effective security system on the territory of the trading floor.

spherical mirror

Thus, if we consider the stores, libraries, video rentals as a sphere of application, then here we mean the preservation of goods, books and video products.

As for supermarkets and similar shoppingpoints with a popular self-service system, in this case the goods are located on high shelves with a sufficiently large and diverse assortment of goods. If the spherical mirror is missing, then in this case, the rule is that, the higher the rack, the worse the survey that the store security service has.

It is with such an arrangement that unscrupulous buyers try to take any goods without payment, which entails material losses for the store.

The installation of a system of spherical mirrors significantly improves the view of the trading hall, thereby reducing the likelihood of various kinds of theft.

spherical mirrors

Mirror spherical has a viewing angle of 160degrees, which allows shop staff and the administrator of the trading floor to easily observe what happens between the shelves of goods and the shop windows. At the same time, the personal space of the buyer is not violated, but any unlawful actions on the part of suspicious persons are effectively prevented.

Dome spherical mirror most oftenis used for a difficult-to-see territory (for example, a cash register where the mirror allows a 360-degree view, which gives excellent visibility in all directions).

Frequent cases, when at the time of excitement at the ticket officeunscrupulous buyers take the moment to steal the small commodity that is at the point of settlement on the trading shelves, which is also a material damage.

mirror spherical

Spherical observation mirrors installeddirectly above the cash register, provide the cashier the opportunity to fully appreciate everything that happens at the cash desk. Also, a store employee can monitor the contents of the shopping cart, thereby preventing attempts to steal.

In addition to the ability to control the situation, the spherical mirror psychologically affects people who, noticing it, understand that all their actions are under control.

According to psychologists, in most cases it is the imitation of control that restrains most of the small thieves and kleptomaniacs.

So, with the right choice for the storetypes of observation mirrors and their combination, it is possible to achieve almost 100% review of the entire trading area, which allows you to effectively monitor the daily workflow and exclude the possibility of theft of valuable goods and small losses. And this is very valuable! Therefore, this issue should be given attention!

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