How to meet a wife from the hospital. A handbook for young popes and husbands

The birth of a child is an archival event in lifeany family. Many mothers, fearing that after the hospital they will get into the bachelor's den, they are asked to look after their husbands or send them to their relatives. But there is also a separate category of popes and husbands who rush into battle with the household on their own. And the first thing that excites them is how to meet a wife from the hospital after the baby's birth.

how to meet a wife from the hospital

Clear instructions generally do not exist.But there are general rules that apply to any family. First, you need to sleep. Yes Yes. A husband with a rumpled face, red eyes and bruises under his eyes pushes his wife at the thought that he spent a few days of "freedom" in a family way. Secondly, prepare yourself a suit in advance. A man should be fresh, clean and pleasant to smell, regardless of the situation. At the same time it is desirable not to get carried away with toilet water, but suddenly the baby will begin to have an allergy to the smell. Thirdly, to collect things for the wife and a discharge kit for the baby. If the first wife tells you, then the second can be difficult. Many mothers do not buy things in advance for the baby (they say, bad luck). A man can apply for help to senior ladies in the family (grandmothers always know everything), and maybe collect everything himself. What you need on your discharge from the hospital:

  1. Diaper (calico and flannel).
  2. Raspashonka.
  3. Chepchik.
  4. Pampers (number 1, the smallest).
  5. Nipple.
  6. The blanket is light.
  7. The blanket is warm (if it's cold outside).
  8. Tape for an extract (which the doll with the baby will be bandaged).
  9. Flowers to mom and nurse who will hand over the baby.

what you need on your discharge from the hospital
At the moment, the stores are representedall kinds of models of discharge kits (envelopes, in some cases). Usually they include a complete set of what you need at discharge. This greatly simplifies the task. By the way, do not forget to collect the first kit first. They are sold as sets in special cases, and individually. Composition prompt in the pharmacy. Most often it is cream for diaper, powder, scissors, cotton wool, bandage, zelenka, manganese.

To know how to meet a wife from the hospital, you canread the special literature. And you can rely on your flair. At home, you should immediately prepare a place for the baby. If the bed is not assembled, collect it. If the diapers are not bought - buy. In addition, you may need bottles, nipples, perhaps, and a mixture (this is to ask my mother). Everything is bought at the pharmacy, except for things.

How to meet a wife from the hospital:by car or by public transport - this is not even an issue at all. Only by car. If your not, you can ask your friends or hire a taxi. Cooking is necessary, but carefully. Young mothers who breastfeed, many products can not be used categorically.

it is nice to meet a wife

To beautifully meet his wife, you need to remember a few things:

  1. Diapers, ryazhonki, bonnets and other - should be ironed and stacked.
  2. The cot is made.
  3. The stroller is assembled.
  4. The first joint dinner after separation for the time of delivery is prepared.
  5. The house was cleaned.

Mums do not want to practice after dischargehousekeeping on the first day. If you are not ready for such a feat yourself, connect your parents (both your own and your wife). Know how to meet a wife from the hospital, should every loving husband and father. After all, I always want to make my lady happy, especially after such a significant event in my life.

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