NPF "Renaissance Life and Pensions": rating and reviews

Non-state pension funds in Russia withEvery day they become more popular. Competition among these organizations is growing exponentially. After all, the population is required somewhere to keep their pension. More precisely, its accumulative part. What about the NPF Renaissance Life and Pensions? Can you really trust him? Or is it better not to contact this organization?

npf renaissance life and pensions

Direction of activity

To understand all this, it is necessary to studynumerous customer testimonials about this corporation. What employees think, too, does not hurt to find out. First of all, let's consider what "Renaissance Life and Pensions" does? The activities of organizations play an important role for clients.

Fortunately, there is nothing special about this area. NPF "Renaissance Life and Pensions" is a place where the population can keep the funded part of their pension. Monthly citizens make deductions, and when time comes, they receive in the form of pension payments. For this "transparency" of activities, the company earns only positive feedback. Especially for the fact that, in addition to saving money "for old age," you are presented with the possibility of increasing funds.


"Renaissance Life and Pensions" (APF) reviews inas an employer receives ambiguous. It is difficult to judge whether it is worthwhile to apply for work or not. After all, opinions are divided. More precisely, the majority of employees are satisfied with the proposed conditions, but they nevertheless carefully emphasize the negative aspects of work in the corporation.

npf renaissance life and pensions revoked license

Among the advantages are stableschedule of work, as well as comfortable working conditions. Here you are guaranteed a full social package, a fixed salary and bonuses. Minimum penalties imposed on employees.

But the drawbacks include coercion tojoining the company. NPF "Renaissance Life and Pensions" literally obligatory for all its employees forces to transfer here their funded part of the pension. This greatly worries many. However, such a picture is formed in all non-state pension funds, there is nothing special about this. Also, employees assure that the salary here is not too high (about 10-11 thousand rubles), and the load is constant and very large. In addition, often you have to communicate with indignant or incomprehensible visitors.


A huge role for the "Renaissance Life and Pensions" (APF) rating plays. In the same way as for all other organizations. The higher the popularity of a particular company, the more customers you can expect.

renaissance life and retirement npf reviews

According to statistics, this pension fund is in 10 of the best organizations where you can keep the funded part of the pension. So, consider this. Especially if stability of the company is important for you.

The level of trust in Renaissance Life andPensions "is quite high - A + (almost maximum), and this figure is encouraging, it causes some confidence and confidence that you can not be afraid for your cumulative part of pension contributions.This means you should not give up this company if you choose non-state pension fund. "Renaissance" at least deserves attention.


But what is more important for customers? For example, profitability. After all, pension funds promise not only to save, but also to multiply your deductions. This is what many organizations often lure new investors into.

NPF "Renaissance Life and Pensions" - not the mostprofitable option. Nevertheless, the conditions that it offers may seem more profitable than some of its competitors. According to the official website, the return per year is 7.68%. If you think about it, it's a very good indicator.

renaissance life and pensions npf rating

Only in practice we get a slightly differentsituation. In reality, taking into account inflation and other features of the Russian economy, profitability in the organization is about 4-4.2%. Yes, the difference is huge. And that's why many customers remain indignant: they promise one thing, but they do provide something quite different. Nevertheless, even a 2-fold decrease in Renaissance's revenue outweighs the slightly better returns offered by competitors.

Surprises for depositors

True, APF "Renaissance Sun, Life and Pension"(the new name of APF) still scares off some of its negative aspects. For example, you should pay attention to the fact that you can find out: your funded part of the pension is already in the "Renaissance". In this case, no complaints have been received from you from this company.

In principle, for non-state pensionfunds is quite normal. And it usually happens with officially employed citizens, because these organizations sign contracts with employers for membership. In the course of which all employees of a corporation become participants of the pension fund. Their consent is not required for the transfer of the funded part of the pension. Hence the huge dissatisfaction of the public.

npf renaissance life and pensions license revocation


But if you independently apply to APF"Renaissance Life and Pensions", there will be no censures. When you decide to save a pension in the "Renaissance", the service does not take a huge amount of time. Moreover, you will quickly draw up a contract, which spells out all the features and nuances of keeping pension contributions.

True, some problems can arise. For example, if you decide to change the pension fund, this is not so easy. None of the non-government pension organizations will simply let their clients go. "Renaissance" is no exception. You need several times to write a translation application, "with a fight" to seek the termination of the contract.

Among other things, they say that it happenedthe NPF "Renaissance Life and Pensions" revocation of the license. The basis for this was incidents with pension payments. Citizens simply did not receive them on time. But is this organization actually deprived of the right to conduct activities?

About license

Yes this is true. This company no longer has any rights to carry out its activities. NPF Renaissance Life and Pensions was revoked because its clients did not receive their money on time. That is, in fact the fund went bankrupt and ceased to fulfill its obligations.

npf renaissance sun life and retirement

Thus, it makes no sense to say thatitself represents NPF "Renaissance". After all, he does not have a license. So, you do not need to contact this corporation. And even if it revives, we recommend that you still do not transfer here your funded part of pension contributions. It is better to choose a more stable company for this idea.

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