A little bit about the tattoo. Lynx: the meaning of a tattoo

Tattoos depicting representativesfamilies of cats are quite popular. They can be found in many different directions, religions and currents. But before you make a tattoo on your body, you should carefully study the history and meaning of the drawing.

tattoo trot

Chain predator

Lynx is an animal of the cat family, which is nothas the grandeur of a panther or the speed of a cheetah. However, it is these cats that have a piercing glance and the ability to see danger through stones and obstacles, to feel the trap and deftly bypass it.

All the strength of the trot in her dexterous and tenacious paws. Tattoo "lynx" in this case can easily choose those who want to show their lightness, vigilance, the ability to bypass the pitfalls found on life's path.

Lynx can defeat the enemy by cunning infight, to determine the difficulties even before the beginning of their appearance, to emerge victorious from the most difficult battle. If you are purposeful, self-confident and stubborn person, then the "trot" tattoo will certainly suit you. Do these tattoos should people who are strong in spirit and character, have their own persistent life principles.

tattoo trot value

Straight Lynx

It may seem that the lynx - animals slightlylazy and imposing. However, the first impression is deceptive. What can a man say about a tattoo? The lynx will tell that in spite of his calm appearance, in a moment he can mobilize in case of danger and will fight to the victorious end, as they say, not for life, but for death.

People who make themselves a tattoo in the form of a lynx are straightforward. They do not look for workarounds, but go ahead.

Lynxes are known to create very strong families and take good care of their offspring. Therefore, this tattoo is perfect for family people who appreciate the warmth of the hearth, children, coziness and home.

Lynx on male and female body

It is commonly believed that such a tattoo - a lynx -exclusively male tattoo. Of course, the drawing of such a predator will look great on the male muscular strong body. But the "trot" tattoo, whose meaning is defined as "inner strength", can become an ornament and body of a fragile girl with a strong character.

Applying a tattoo with a picture of a trot on the bodya person gets a kind of amulet, a talisman. He will help to see through obstacles, pass life tests with dignity and get out of any situation with a victory. In some interpretations, the tattoo of a lynx will mean vigilance, in others - the gift of foresight, the all-seeing eye.

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