How to use a self-service wash? Tips and Tricks

Throughout Russia and the CIS countries recentlyself-service washers became popular. This is an excellent alternative to the usual washers. Do not wait 30-60 minutes until the car is glossed over. At cost, such an operation is much cheaper. But how to use a self-service wash in St. Petersburg and other regions? Let's consider.

Read instruction

This is the first thing that owners say, responding tothe standard question of a car enthusiast who is interested in: "How to use a self-service wash?" And indeed indeed, practically at each station such instruction on the operation of equipment is available. But it is clear that one instruction is not enough. Let's look at each stage of use to get a high-quality result.

how to use a self-service wash
Virtually all types of washing of this type offer the client a minimum of five possibilities:

  • Preliminary cleaning.
  • Basic.
  • Rinsing.
  • Body coating with wax.
  • Application of gloss.
  • Drying.

Sometimes the service for cleaning wheel rims, which takes 15 seconds.

Preliminary stage

So, at the very beginning it is proposed to usepreliminary washing. It is needed in order to make the dirt softer and raise it without damaging the car body. Usually they pour the entire body. And to make it effective, it is better to wash from the top down. The gun should not be kept closer than 25-30 cm from the body.

self-service wash how to use the winter
How to use a self-service wash? At this stage, there is no need to rinse all the dirt completely. From the gun is not supplied ordinary water, but a special solution. Its active ingredients work with dirt, but do not wash it off. Most of the sinks are at this stage for about 45 seconds. This time is enough for pre-processing of cars and SUVs.

Basic car wash

Here everything is clear from the title. Let's see how to use the self-service wash at this stage. Using distance changes, as well as the angle of the gun, it is necessary to thoroughly clean all dirty places on the body with hot foam. The solution is fed under pressure. At this stage, no more than 120 seconds are allowed.

self-service washing how to use
To obtain a better effect, the solution is applied andwash horizontally. In this case, you need to move from the bottom up the sides of the machine. Initially, the side parts of the body are processed. Then the back and front parts. At the very end of the process, the roof, hood and trunk are washed. This is how it is recommended to work with this device.

Rinse mode

This mode is designed to delete the activefoam from the body surface. No need to exert effort, since this is not the last stage. According to the owners of car washes, the average car owner should spend no more than a minute on this procedure.

Application of wax

A thin layer of wax coating can protectbody from the impact of dirt, dust, various chemical reagents that "eat with appetite" not only ice and snow, but also metal. The coating process will also take about a minute, depending on the specific washing.

Gloss and drying

This procedure, as it turns out, has notless important for a qualitative result. If you select this option, the driver receives a special demineralized water in which a special substance is diluted. It speeds up the drying process. Wipe the car is not necessary. We have my car on a self-service car wash, and there are no rags and bastards here. In addition to the protective function, this coating will give LCP a shine. This procedure takes two minutes.

Experts recommend

Especially important in the whole process is the lastthe program is rinsing. But with the use of not ordinary water, but the one that went through osmosis. The demineralized liquid is thoroughly filtered. If you stop on an ordinary rinse, then the gun is fed ordinary water, after which there will be streaks and stains on the body.

how to properly use the self-service wash
It is the last procedure that will make the carperfectly clean. It also includes drying. But this is not a huge hair dryer, but a special chemical that helps water to escape faster from the surface of the body.

How to use a contactless self-service wash? Those who have already tried this service have identified a few points for themselves.

One of the problems when motorists complain aboutpoor-quality washing, is the non-use of all provided programs. When choosing a wash using only active foam and water, without using wax and osmosis, the car will not be clean. The paintwork will quickly get dirty and will last longer. Not everyone knows how to properly use the self-service wash so that the result is as effective as possible.

Quality washing in 7 minutes

The creators of these complexes have thought of everything in such a way that the user can completely clean his car from dirt within 7 minutes. To do this, use all the options.

how to use a self-service wash in St. Petersburg
But visitors to such washes on the profileforums write reviews that do not agree with this. The main thing that can be distinguished from these reviews is the weak pressure of the water supply. Instead of a high-quality active foam, only a little soapy water is supplied. With such chemistry, it is difficult to achieve purity. You can only slightly remove dust, small dirt or snow. Sometimes these or other options may not work. Chemistry does not please with its power. And how to wash a car in a self-service washroom in such conditions?

For chemical agents are responsible ownerssinks. They control the level of concentration of chemicals in the machine, as well as the strength of the water supply head. Ideal situation - when the main washer the pistol is held with a light tension. A weak pressure is a service problem that must be eliminated. Very rarely there are car washes, where the motorist himself regulates the amount of chemistry and water pressure. But this is usually an expensive self-service wash. How to use the winter? If all systems work as it should, then there will be no problems even in severe frost. The main thing is not to use cold water.


Such washes exist for a long time, and driverslearned to adapt to the modes of programs on them. Someone first applies an active foam to the bodywork and waits for it to act. Others keep the gun almost back-to-back to the body. You should wait a little after each option. The third category of drivers generally changes options in places.

how to use a non-contact self-service wash
That's what professionals say about howuse a self-service wash. The instruction is correct. But if the car did not wash during the winter, first you should visit a hand wash. There the body is degreased. And then you can come to an automatic sink, which will simply maintain a clean state. Only in this way will self-service washing be effective. How to use it, we have already considered.


Naturally, with simple pollution suchservices will cope with a bang. It is important only to develop your skills or be guided by what is written in the instructions. It is necessary to understand that for a good effect, all options should be used. If the car is in a neglected state, then with a mud cake such washes can not cope. It is necessary to go to the manual, where the professional washers will wash the car.

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